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View Thread 01-17-2018 Site Update/Release Notes - Admin_Jaclyn11 Rpl
1/17/18 Site Update ===================== Bug Fixes: -Modified autocomplete to follow global brand filter setting -Scrollbar missing on wanted list XML upload page -Incorrect [...]
(2 days ago, Jan 17, 2018, to Administrative)
View Thread (Cancelled) - Admin_Jaclyn0 Rpl
(8 days ago, Jan 11, 2018, to Administrative)
View Thread 01-10-2018 Site Update/Release Notes - Admin_Jaclyn2 Rpl
01-10-2018 Site Update ====================== Bug fixes: -Splash pages stacked on top of each other preventing the main page from being edited in IE10 -Invoice preview crashes [...]
(9 days ago, Jan 10, 2018, to Administrative)
View Thread 01/04/2018 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn2 Rpl
01/04/2018 Site Update ===================== Bug Fixes: -Conditional macro tag for sales tax is showing as syntax code on invoices/quotes -Incorrect "Learn more" help link for [...]
(15 days ago, Jan 4, 2018, to Administrative)
View Thread 12/15/17 Site Update/Release Notes - Admin_Jaclyn32 Rpl
12/15/17 Site Update ===================== Bug Fixes: -Items upload to Default Wanted List even if a different list is selected Site Improvements: -New "Purchase Confirmation" [...]
(1 month ago, Dec 15, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 11/14/17 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn7 Rpl
11/14/17 Site Update ==================== Please note: There is currently a bug that is preventing sellers from being able to edit any of their unnamed splash pages. Thank you [...]
(2 months ago, Nov 14, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 11/13/17 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn6 Rpl
11/13/17 Site Update ===================== Today's Bug Fixes: -Backup for Instant Checkout option should be disabled if the store has no Instant Checkout shipping methods. [...]
(2 months ago, Nov 13, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 10/31/17 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn42 Rpl
10/31/17 Site Update ===================== Happy Halloween! :D Bug fixes in today's deployment: Instant Checkout Fixes: -Shipping method window is not large enough on [...]
(3 months ago, Oct 31, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 10/24/17 Site Update & Important Message - Admin_Jaclyn1 Rpl
***Important Message For Sellers*** If you have recently received any duplicate orders (same buyer but one order has items and the other is blank), please send me a direct [...]
(3 months ago, Oct 24, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread Introducing Our New Inventories Administrator - Admin_Jaclyn13 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Community, We've concluded our search for a new Inventories Administrator to help our current team of volunteers and wanted to share the news. Please give [...]
(3 months ago, Oct 23, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread Instant Checkout: Post-Launch Update #2 - Admin_Jaclyn9 Rpl
POST LAUNCH UPDATE #2 ========================================== In case you missed Post-Launch Update #1, please see: (URL) In this update: 1. Bug Fixes Released to Production [...]
(3 months ago, Oct 20, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread (Cancelled) - Admin_Jaclyn0 Rpl
(3 months ago, Oct 18, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread Instant Checkout is Now Available! - Admin_Jaclyn135 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Community, The highly anticipated feature, Instant Checkout, is now available for use! Instant Checkout brings a new and convenient way to buy on BrickLink instantly [...]
(3 months ago, Oct 18, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread (Cancelled) - Admin_Jaclyn0 Rpl
(3 months ago, Oct 18, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread Monthly Maintenance - Tuesday, October 17th - Admin_Jaclyn2 Rpl
Hello, Please be aware that monthly maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17th starting at approximately 11:30pm PST and will last up to 2 hours. If you're using [...]
(3 months ago, Oct 13, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread Updated Instant Checkout Preview - Admin10 Rpl
Hello Sellers, An updated preview release of Instant Checkout is now available on (URL) We are still working on the final QA for this project but wanted to allow sellers to [...]
(4 months ago, Sep 26, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 09/19/2017 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn0 Rpl
09/19/2017 Site Update ===================== Bug fixes: -Seller's note from quotes not transferring to orders -Used coupons are still included on the Wanted List Buy [...]
(4 months ago, Sep 19, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 9/12/2017 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn1 Rpl
9/12/2017 Site Update ===================== Bug fixes: -Clicking "next" on recent activity for new Store Fee page doesn't load. -Download dialog not closing after a bill [...]
(4 months ago, Sep 12, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread (Cancelled) - Admin_Jaclyn0 Rpl
(4 months ago, Sep 12, 2017, to Administrative)
View Thread 9/8/17 Site Update - Admin_Jaclyn8 Rpl
09/08/2017 Site Update ===================== Bug fixes: -VAT price is included twice on the Edit Featured Items page -Missing option to clear search results on store fee page [...]
(4 months ago, Sep 8, 2017, to Administrative)

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