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View Thread Missouri Sales Tax - Admin_Russell2 Rpl
Hello everyone, It has been quite a while since we added a new US state to the sales tax list, but come January 1, 2023, Missouri will also be there: (URL) Please consult [...]
(12 hours ago, Dec 6, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Unscheduled down time - CE_Tanja36 Rpl
Dear all, Today we experienced unscheduled down time due to a routine security scan. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Everything is back to [...]
(6 days ago, Nov 30, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Reserve your LEGO® account nickname today! - Admin167 Rpl
Dear BrickLink member, We’ll be making some changes to the LEGO® Account system in 2023 that’ll make things a bit easier for you and other BrickLink® members. We’re introducing [...]
(21 days ago, Nov 15, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Help Desk Processing Times - cs_anastasia37 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, As you might have noticed, we are currently experiencing extended ticket processing times. Even though we cannot say when the situation will get back [...]
(2 months ago, Sep 28, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Attention French Buyers - Admin_Russell17 Rpl
To all French buyers, Beginning in July 2021, all marketplaces were required to recover VAT charges for any purchases under EUR 150 coming from outside the EU. This year in [...]
(4 months ago, Jul 29, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Subscribe to BrickLink Email Newsletters - Admin_Russell5 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Members, Did you know BrickLink sends quarterly email newsletters for Marketplace, Catalog, and Studio? Many of you subscribe already, but most of our members [...]
(5 months ago, Jul 11, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Please welcome our newest Translator! - Admin_Russell17 Rpl
Hello Everybody, I am pleased to announce that we have another new member in the Community Experts Program - user Jjcchh has been appointed as Translated Help Editor for the [...]
(6 months ago, Jun 13, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Monthly Maintenance Postponed - Admin_Russell11 Rpl
Hello everyone, We have decided to postpone the hour-long monthly maintenance session from Tuesday evening May 17, 2022 to eaxctly one week later, on May 24. Thank you! The [...]
(7 months ago, May 16, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Important update reg. Ukraine and Russia - CE_Tanja111 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, The LEGO Group released the following statement regarding the war in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with all the children and families suffering as a result [...]
(9 months ago, Mar 25, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread We have a new CEP translator! - Admin_Russell14 Rpl
Hello everyone, We'd like to announce that we have appointed another member to the Community Expert Program, member Barando, as our new Translated Help Editor for the German [...]
(9 months ago, Mar 10, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread We Have a new Discussions Moderator - Admin_Russell17 Rpl
Hello everyone, Today we officially appointed another BrickLink Discussions Moderator, member Stellar: (URL) You can see his profile now on the Community Experts Page: (URL) [...]
(9 months ago, Mar 2, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Enabling of B2B transactions for EU orders - CE_Tanja24 Rpl
Dear all, Today we have launched the ability for registered EU businesses to place business-to-business (B2B) transactions on the Marketplace. This new feature will remove [...]
(10 months ago, Feb 21, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Studio to replace LDD Fan - CE_Tanja4 Rpl
Dear all, Today it is announced that LEGO® BrickLinkStudio will be replacing LEGO Digital Designer as the LEGO Group’s official 3D building app. We are of course very excited [...]
(11 months ago, Jan 12, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Transparent and Glow-in-Dark Minifigures - Admin_Russell29 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Sellers, Over the past several months, we’ve seen a variety of Transparent and Glow-In-Dark minifigures flood the market. We have determined these to be illegitimate [...]
(11 months ago, Jan 10, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread EU distance selling - Online session - CE_Tanja38 Rpl
Dear BrickLink member, We have recently launched a new feature enabling EU distance selling on the BrickLink site. Because we have had a number of questions and concerns expressed [...]
(11 months ago, Jan 4, 2022, to Administrative)
View Thread Issues with placing orders - CE_Tanja57 Rpl
Dear all, We are currently working on fixing this issue. The solution is expected to be delivered on Monday. The current workaround for sellers is as follows: Turning off the [...]
(12 months ago, Dec 18, 2021, to Administrative)
View Thread Organizational change in BrickLink - CE_Tanja34 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Members, When BrickLink was acquired by the LEGO Group in 2019, we did so with the vision to get closer to our committed adult fans, and over the past two years, [...]
(12 months ago, Dec 6, 2021, to Administrative)
View Thread New BrickLink Community Experts Page - Admin_Russell5 Rpl
Hello everyone, We have released a new version of an old page, the old "volunteer admin" page: (URL) The Hall of Fame is fully updated with the changes from this year and the [...]
(12 months ago, Dec 2, 2021, to Administrative)
View Thread EU Distance selling feature is now live! - Admin_Russell47 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Members, We have released our Distance Selling feature for sellers who plan to or have reached the EUR annual 10 000 distance sale of goods threshold. To see where [...]
(13 months ago, Nov 24, 2021, to Administrative)
View Thread Monthly maintenance will be a tad longer... - Admin_Russell3 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, This is to give notice that our monthly downtime for maintenance next week: Wednesday, July 21 at 1:00 AM BrickLink Time / Eastern Time will last [...]
(17 months ago, Jul 15, 2021, to Administrative)

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