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If you are looking for certain items which are in the catalog, you can Add them to your Wanted List and get notified by e-mail when they become available. In your Wanted List, you can also view items currently available by each item.

If you have a long list of items to search for and want to buy from as few stores as possible, you can add those items to your Wanted List. Then, go to the My Wanted Items By Shop page which will show the top stores with most items on your list.

How do I Add Items to My Wanted List?
There are several ways you can add items to your Wanted List: You can only add items that are defined in the catalog. When adding Parts or Gear, you can either select the color you desire or select to be notified regardless of color.
How do I Remove Items from my Wanted List?
Items remain on your wanted list until you remove them. In My Wanted List, you can delete individual items from your wanted list, delete all items in the categories you specify or delete all items in your additional wanted list(s).

If you no longer need an item, please do us a favor and delete it.

Minimum Quantity and Maximum Price:
You can select the maximum price you are willing to pay for an item when adding items to your wanted list. BrickLink will not notify you by e-mail and will not show these items in your wanted detail pages if the item costs more than the max price you entered.

You can also specify the minimum quantity that the item must have. If the quantity of the item is less than the quantity you specify, BrickLink will not notify you by e-mail and will not show these items in your wanted detail pages.

Please do not confuse the wanted list minimum quantity for the amount that you are looking for. If you want quantity 1,000 of an item, BrickLink will not notify you unless the item(s) available have a quantity of at least 1,000.

My Remarks:
You can enter your own remarks about each item in your Wanted List. Your remarks are only visible to you.

For example you can enter how many of that item you have or how many of that item you are still looking for or you can enter a project code of a project where you need that item.


  • Limited to 128 characters.
  • Buying from Wanted List in a Store:
    Click on the link "Items on my Wanted List" in the store menu (left middle side of the screen where the list of categories are) to view all the items that the store has for sale which are on your wanted list and meet your criteria. You can then add items to your shopping cart right from your wanted list. Click on the "All Items"link to view all items the store has on your wanted list regardless of your wanted quantity and price criteria.

    Your wanted criteria (minimum qty, maximum price and remarks) will show below the price of each item. If the qty available of the item is less than your desired qty then the desired qty will show in red.

    This requires you to be logged in and if you're not, clicking on the link will display a login / password box. After supplying your username and password, the list of your wanted items will appear.

    Searching a portion of a Wanted List:
    When viewing items on a Wanted List you can check the "Query shops" box on individual items and then click "Submit Changes" to search for stores that have those items.
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