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BrickLink Administrator

Active since May 9, 2017
2 years 8 Months

Admin_Russell oversees all BrickLink administrators, moderators and editors. He also manages Help Desk and the day-to-day operation of the site. If you have ideas about how to make the site work better, please contact Russell.

Active since Aug 16, 2018
1 year 5 Months

QA_Rachel joined BrickLink in 2018 as our Quality Assurance Engineer. She mainly works with the Development Team to investigate and triage bug reports, and to test new features on the site before they go live. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, please feel free to contact her through Help Desk, forums, or direct message.

The following are our Community Volunteer Admins. BrickLink Community Administrators donate their time and efforts to help keep BrickLink a fun and resourceful place. Without them, having a detailed catalog, accurate inventory, or informative community would not be possible.
Please do not contact Community Volunteers directly regarding issues that are addressed on the Problem tab.
Catalog Associate

Verifies and approves new items, images, and relationships submissions. Adds, deletes and maintains items, categories, colors, relationships, images and their attributes in the catalog. Has auto-approval on new item additions, new relationship additions and image uploads. Can edit in Catalog help topics.

Active since Mar 27, 2019
10 Months

Hygrotus has submitted many new items to the catalog with high-quality images and has inventoried many sets and minifigs since 2011. He specializes mainly in Star Wars, magazine sets (foil packs) and books.

Active since Sep 12, 2019
4 Months

BricksThatStick has rejoined the catalog team after serving as an Inventories Admin from 2010-2011. He brings a practical approach to the catalog, informed by his experience as a BrickLink seller and Forum participant.

Inventories Administrator

Verifies and approves new catalog inventories. Makes corrections to existing inventories by adding, deleting or adjusting items in inventories. Gives and revokes Registered Inventories Verifier status to and from other members. Has auto-approval on inventories additions. Can edit Inventories help topics.

Active since Nov 2, 2018
1 year 2 Months

Randyf has improved the appearance and usefulness of BrickLink by adding thousands of color part images and standardizing item names and other catalog data. He is also a highly experienced inventories verifier.

Active since Apr 9, 2019
9 Months

Paulvdb has contributed a wide variety of items to the catalog and has done extensive work with inventories, most notably in the area of vintage sets. He also has many years of experience as a BrickLink seller.

Discussions Moderator

Has the ability to ban members from the discussion forum and chat. Able to lock threads and cancel messages posted in the discussion forum. Can edit Community help topics.

Username Store Active Since
Chickaroo (6528) Adams family Oct 31, 2005
Renhoffman (7324) Rens Brick Room Apr 4, 2008
Sue_Lisa (1258) FLINTSTONES Nov 14, 2008
Bagelboybugle (3394) Bagels clearout Jan 21, 2011
Ash_274 (2446) Ash's Extras Jun 12, 2011
Brickwilbo (1470) Brickwilbo Betuwe Bricks Jun 6, 2018
Collage Moderator

Approves or rejects new images submitted by members to the Member Collage or new ID card images submitted by members for their ID card picture.

Username Store Active Since
MMillere (3300) Millere's Spares™ Mar 8, 2004
Links Administrator

Approves new links submissions. Adds, deletes and maintains links, link categories and their attributes in the links section. Has auto-approval on new links additions.

Username Store Active Since
Mini_Wizardy (2102) Mini Wizardy's Top Hat Jul 8, 2007
Translated Help Editor

Translates help topics, help categories and page text from English to another language. Applies changes made to help topics in English help center to matching help topics already translated to another language.

Language Username Store Active Since
 Danish Laksefarvet (97) gammelrosa Jul 23, 2010
 Dutch Jarni (3048) Brickcenter Dec 17, 2004
 Dutch Elias3 (4046) Elias' Brick-store Dec 17, 2004
 Dutch RubenRas (538) Former Isle Feb 10, 2008
 Finnish Roope (65) Brick office Mar 21, 2005
 French Yanitzch (857) Yanick Brick Dec 17, 2004
 French Francois. (313) Play ! Nov 23, 2007
 French Atkk (4862) BUILD IT!! Apr 12, 2009
 German Tomte (55018) Brick Takeover Sep 23, 2007
 German Uni (453) Unis Resterampe Mar 6, 2008
 Hungarian Fedibeka (10757) Fedibeka Feb 19, 2009
 Italian Lucajuventino (623) Bric-k-one Dec 17, 2004
 Norwegian Eiker86 (200) Tora's shop Aug 6, 2010
 Polish KopalniaKlockow (2328) KopalniaKlockow_pl Sep 9, 2008
 Portuguese Bricks (311) Ogel Island Sep 5, 2007
 Portuguese Twilight_sp (95) Bricks & Cia Ltda Aug 1, 2009
 Russian Legolender (114) Ilya's Brick Store Jan 7, 2010
 Slovene Jediboy (2652) BrickBox Space Dec 2, 2008
 Spanish TheBohrok (230) Brick Closet Dec 17, 2004
 Spanish Jaimeponce (3932) jaime's store Dec 17, 2004
 Spanish Dora (616) La Boutique del BricK Dec 29, 2009
 Swedish SgtLewin (45) ankarsvik_enterprise Mar 30, 2008
 Turkish Legoadam (370) The Hittite Sun Aug 31, 2007
Hall of Fame

Inactive or previous administrators that helped shape BrickLink into the site it is today.