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Discussion GroupAnnounce
Non-sales related announcements from BrickLink members.
374211 hours ago
Discussion GroupBuying
Buying general discussion.
661314 hours ago
Discussion GroupCoupons
Discussion about coupons and sellers posting coupon offers.
20919 days ago
Discussion GroupCurrency
Discussion about currency and exchange rates.
5010 months ago
Discussion GroupFeedback
Feedback forum, feedback profiles, posting feedback, etc.
28952 days ago
Discussion GroupGeneral
General discussion group for things related to BrickLink that don't fit anywhere else.
1786516 hours ago
Discussion GroupMosaick
Mosaick feature discussion.
283 months ago
Discussion GroupNew Stores
Announcements of new stores.
119521 hours ago
Discussion GroupPayment Methods
Discussion about payment services such as PayPal and methods of payment accepted.
14211 day ago
Discussion GroupPrice Guide
Price Guide feature general discussion, pricing of items and appraisals.
87915 hours ago
Discussion GroupProblem
Problem general discussion.
639517 hours ago
Discussion GroupProblem Order
Problem with Order and problem with Buyer or Seller in Order.
44165 days ago
Discussion GroupRetail
Discussion about retail sources where LEGO products can be purchased - S@H, PaB, etc.
24216 days ago
Discussion GroupSales
Store sales and new items for sale announcements. Please do not post these excessively.
212571 hour ago
Discussion GroupSearching
Searching items for sale, catalog, stores, my inventory, help and discussion forum.
16654 days ago
Discussion GroupSelling
Selling general discussion.
1240314 hours ago
Discussion GroupShipping
Shipping, handling, packaging and everything that relates to it.
54421 day ago
Discussion GroupTaxes
VAT, sales tax, customs duties, etc.
2211 day ago
Discussion GroupTerms and Policies
Store terms and policies and BrickLink terms of service.
8812 days ago
Discussion GroupTrades
Trade offers. At least one side must involve a sale of LEGO through a BrickLink store.
4052 days ago
Discussion GroupWanted
Wanted List feature discussion and "I want to buy" announcements.
11571 day ago
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Discussion GroupHelp
Ask for help, general discussion.
2162427 minutes ago
Discussion GroupHelp Desk Missing Ticket
Post in this thread if you sent a message to the Help Desk and did not receive an automated response with a ticket number. Info that can help us: date you made the attempt, the channel you used (which webpage), and whether you used the email associated with your account.
3663 days ago
Discussion GroupTechnical Issues
Bugs (both actual and perceived) and any other technical issues such as downtime, slow pages, or error messages.
50701 day ago
Discussion GroupTranslation
Ask for help to translate something from one language to another.
412 months ago
Reference Catalog
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Discussion GroupCatalog
Reference Catalog general discussion.
- Open (1528)
- Completed (3)
- Discarded (60)
1060212 hours ago
Discussion GroupCatalog Identification
Questions about identifying LEGO items (parts, sets, etc.)
855219 hours ago
Discussion GroupCatalog Requests
Suggestions to the BrickLink Catalog Administrators to change something in the catalog.
- Open for Catalog Associate (59)
- Open for Inventories Admin (8)
- Completed (1228)
- Discarded (317)
64721 day ago
Discussion GroupColors
Discussion about the various colors that LEGO parts come in.
- Open (332)
- Completed (0)
- Discarded (14)
25922 days ago
Discussion GroupInventories
Inventories general discussion.
- Open (561)
- Completed (0)
- Discarded (21)
268115 hours ago
Discussion GroupInventories Requests
Automatic posting of requests submitted to the Inventory Change Request form.
- Open (21660)
- Completed (0)
- Discarded (126)
3385218 hours ago
Discussion GroupModulex
All about Modulex.
- Open (14)
- Completed (0)
- Discarded (2)
893 months ago
Discussion GroupPacking Dimensions
Active requests for adding or correcting system Packing Dimensions.
101 month ago
Discussion GroupPacking Dimensions X
Completed/processed requests for adding or correcting system Packing Dimensions, plus discussion of Packing Dimensions.
6812 months ago
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Discussion GroupSuggestions (My Favorite Suggestions)
Suggestions to the BrickLink Admininstration to improve website functionality and design.
- Open (2165)
- Implemented (132)
- Discarded (647)
217642 days ago
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Discussion GroupDesigner Program
Discussion of the BrickLink Designer Program.
11236 days ago
Discussion GroupEvents
Real-life community events, gatherings, shows, etc.
10819 days ago
Discussion GroupLEGO
Discussion about LEGO in general.
43991 day ago
Discussion GroupMedia
Discussion about LEGO related news other than new products.
1682 months ago
Discussion GroupMy Own Creation
Discussion and showcasing of Original LEGO creations.
157010 hours ago
Discussion GroupNew Sets
Discussion about Sets and Themes not yet released or recently released.
4091 hour ago
Off Topic
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Discussion GroupContests
Trivia, etc.
124641 minutes ago
Discussion GroupOff Topic
Discussion about things that are not related to LEGO or BrickLink.
429712 hours ago
Discussion GroupRelated Software
Discussion of any offline software designed to work with the BrickLink site.
17278 days ago
Language Specific
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Discussion GroupLANG Deutsch
Allgemeine Diskussion auf Deutsch.
8326 hours ago
Discussion GroupLANG Español
Para la discusión general en el idioma Español.
1413 days ago
Discussion GroupLANG Français
Discussion générale en Français.
1591 day ago
Discussion GroupLANG Italiano
Discussione generale in lingua Italiana.
525 months ago
Discussion GroupLANG Nederlands
Algemene discussies in het Nederlands.
160319 hours ago
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Discussion GroupAdministrative
Announcements from the BrickLink Administration.
32449 days ago
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Discussion GroupNEWS
News from BrickLink
263 months ago