Items grouped together by having something in common beyond their placement in categories.

Relationship Types:

 Type            Entries           Specific To 
 Similar Sets with Same Numbers  636           Sets 
 Similar Sets with Different Numbers  1785           Sets 
 Similar Gear with Different Numbers  617           Gear 
 Similar Parts with Similar Molds  3028           Parts 
 Similar Parts with Different Molds  144           Parts 
 Similar Part Assemblies with Different Colors  545           Parts 
 Same Books in Different Languages  2844           Books 
 Same Gear in Different Languages  824           Gear 
 Same Items with Similar Patterns  6258           All 
 Same Stickers with Different Catalog Entries  302           All 
 Minifigures with In-Set Variants  414           Minifigures 
 Minifigures with Stickered / Non-Stickered Matches  377           Minifigures 
 Door on Door Frame  703           Parts 
 Glass on Door Frame  11           Parts 
 Glass on Window  608           Parts 
 Tire on Wheel  237           Parts 
 Paired Parts  9161           Parts 
 Parts that Belong Together  424           Parts 
 Gear that Belong Together  20           Gear 
 Unsplit Part Variants  620           Parts 
 Sets Redesigned During Production  147           Sets 

Newest Relationships