Items grouped together by having something in common beyond their placement in categories.

Relationship Types:

 Type            Entries           Specific To 
 Similar Sets with Same Numbers  401           Sets 
 Similar Sets with Different Numbers  1656           Sets 
 Similar Gear with Different Numbers  265           Gear 
 Similar Parts with Different Molds  2173           Parts 
 Same Items with Different Pattern Style  1460           All 
 Minifig In-Set Variants  193           Minifigs 
 Same Stickers with Different Catalog Numbers  427           All 
 Stickered and Non-Stickered Minifig Counterparts  313           Minifigs 
 Cross Theme Duplicates  18           Parts 
 Door on Door Frame  509           Parts 
 Glass on Window  420           Parts 
 Tire on Wheel  203           Parts 
 Paired Parts  5201           Parts 
 Same Books in Different Languages  744           Books 

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