How do I Sell?

This topic assumes that you are a registered seller. If you are interested in opening a store and selling on BrickLink, please review the New Seller Verification page for instructions on how to verify & upgrade your account.

After you created a store, visit My Store Settings and My Terms to select additional options for your store and enter your store terms & conditions.

Listing Items for Sale:
There are three ways to list items for sale on BrickLink:
  1. Sell Item - Add items to your inventory one at a time.
  2. Mass Inventory Upload - Add many items to your inventory at once via a file in XML format.
  3. Part Out a Set - Enter a set number and view parts and minifigs in that set ready for upload into your inventory.
Managing Store Inventory:

My Inventory - Browse or search items in your inventory. On the next page, you can update or delete items in your inventory.

Receiving Orders:
You receive an order when a buyer adds one or more items that you have listed for sale into their shopping cart, checks out and submits an order. When that happens, both you and the buyer will be notified by e-mail.

Once an order is submitted, it is recorded. You can view all orders that you received by going to Orders Received. Click on the order ID to view the order detail.

Suggested Order Procedure:
The following is a suggested procedure that should be taken after receiving an order (for stores that do not offer Instant Checkout)::
  1. On your Orders Received page, add shipping, insurance and any additional charges. Change Order Status to Ready.
  2. Send an Invoice - Click on the invoice icon on your orders received page or go to the Invoice Tab and enter the order ID to send an invoice to your buyer.
After Receiving Payment:
  1. Change the Order Status to Paid after receiving payment from the buyer. If you have Payment Status enabled, change payment status to Received instead.
  2. After the buyer's package has been prepared and before it is shipped, you can change the order status to Packed.
  3. Ship the package and change the order status to Shipped. You can optionally send a Drive Thru e-mail to the buyer informing them that their order has been shipped. To do that, click on the package icon on your orders received page or go to the Drive Thru Tab and enter the order ID.
  4. Post Feedback to your buyer after the buyer has paid or after they changed the status to Completed.
For every order you receive, you are levied a fee. For more information on fees, please read our Fees & Billing Policy. In your My Fees page is a debit entry for every order you receive as well as all credits you receive after paying your fees. The current balance you owe is there as well and also a quick link to pay your fees by PayPal.