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  •  Index - Welcome to BrickLink
  •  Mobile - Mobile phone version of BrickLink
Shop: Catalog
  •  View - Search or browse items in the reference catalog.
  •  Search - Search items in the reference catalog.
  •  Price Guide - View price guide information on items sold.
  •  Color Guide - View the color guide and an example image for each color.
  •  Inventories - What parts and minifigures are in this set? This section is all about this information.
  •  Appears In - What sets does this part appear in? This section is all about this information.
  •  Relationships - Items grouped together by having something in common beyond their placement in categories.
  •  Download - Download catalog items, categories, colors or inventories to a tab-delimited file or XML.
  •  Add or Change - Add or Change information in the catalog.
  •  Logs - View log of changes.
  •  Credits - Showing member catalog contributions.
Shop: Stores
  •  Browse - Browse items for sale and BrickLink stores.
  •  Find Stores - Find stores with the items you select or find stores by store name.
  •  Search Item - Find items for sale.
  •  Calendar - Browse items for sale by date listed.
Community: Forum
  •  Messages - Welcome to the BrickLink Discussion Forum.
  •  Topics - View the list of discussion forum topics and their charters.
  •  Search - Search the discussion forum.
  •  Stats - Discussion forum statistics.
  •  Post - Post a new message.
Community: Members
  •  List - Browse or search members by specified criteria.
  •  Location - View list of members by location.
  •  Admins - View a list of current and past administrators, their role descriptions and areas they have access to.
  •  ID Log - View a log of changed usernames and profile merges.
  •  ID Pics - View members custom ID card pics.
  •  Collage - View images of our members.
  •  Feedback - View members feedback profiles or post feedback about another member.
  •  Pages - View members about me pages.
  •  Register - Become a register member or upgrade from a buyer to a seller.
  •  Unregister - Unregister from BrickLink or revert from a seller back to a buyer.
  •  Contact - Contact another member via e-mail through a contact form.
  •  Address - View address of your buyer or seller with whom you've done business with.
  •  My Notes - Store notes on specific members viewable only to you.
Community: Links
  •  List - View a list of links to other websites.
  •  Add Link - Add a link to another website.
  •  Change Link - Change or delete an existing link.
Help: Help Center
  •  Center - Official BrickLink Help created and maintained by BrickLink Administration.
  •  Translated - Unofficial BrickLink Help in other languages created and maintained by BrickLink members.
  •  TOS - Terms Of Service for
  •  Help Desk - Contact BrickLink Administration if you have a question and need someone to answer you.
  •  Site Map - (You are Here)
Help: Problem Center
  •  Center - Welcome to the Problem Resolution Center
  •  Order - Problem with Order, Buyer or Seller? Enter the order ID and see your available options from there.
  •  Order Item - Remove specified items from an order.
  •  Member - Report members who do not comply with the site's TOS or policies unrelated to your order.
  •  Feedback - Request to have feedback you posted or received removed.
  •  Item For Sale - Report items which do not comply with the Item Listing Policy.
  •  Forum - Report discussion forum posts which violate the TOS or discussion forum rules.
  •  Password - Forgot your Password or Username? Come here to retrieve it.
  •  My Stop List - For Sellers to block buyers from buying in their store and bidding in their auctions.
My Store
  •  Orders Received - View orders you received, add additional expenses/credit, add notes and change order status.
  •  Quotes - View Request and Send Quote
  •  Invoice - Send an invoice to a buyer after receiving order.
  •  Drive Thru - Thank you e-mail to buyer after an order is shipped.
  •  Feedback - Post feedback to your trading partner about your transaction.
  •  My Store Inventory - View, modify or delete fixed priced items in your store inventory.
  •  Add Item - Add items to your store inventory one at a time.
  •  Mass Upload - Add many items to your store inventory or update many items in your store inventory via a file in XML format.
  •  Part Out - Enter a set number and view/edit parts in that set ready for upload into your store inventory.
  •  Bind Superlot - Bind your store inventory items into Super Lots
  •  Coupons - For sellers to view or edit their coupons and for buyers to view their coupons.
  •  Notify - Notify members of item availability after adding items to your store inventory or contact your store mailing list.
  •  Fees - View your account balance, fees for orders you received and instructions how to pay your fees.
  •  Store Settings - Change your store settings.
     My Accepted Payment Methods - Select which payment methods you accept payment by.
     My Accepted Currencies - Select which currencies you accept payment in.
     My Ship To Settings - Select which countries or regions you ship to.
     My Shipping Methods - Define a limited amount of shipping methods via which you ship your orders.
     My Terms - Enter your terms and shipping policy
     My Splash Page - Enter your store splash page.
     My Sell Item Default Options - Set your preferred selling options as your default.
My BrickLink
  •  My Messages - BrickLink web-based messaging system.
  •  Orders Placed - View orders you placed and set order status to completed.
  •  Quotes - View Request and Send Quote
  •  Feedback - Post feedback to your trading partner about your transaction.
  •  Coupons - For buyers to view their coupons.
  •  Favorite Stores - Maintain your list of favorite stores and subscribe to receive announcements from stores you select.
  •  My Profile - Shows all areas you can make changes to or others made to your profile.
  •  ID Pic - Upload your own custom ID card pic and a picture of yourself to the member collage.
  •  About Me - Create and edit your about me page.
  •  Account Info - Change your name, address, e-mail, username, password and other info.
  •  Settings - Change your default settings.
  •  Wanted List - Set your notification preferences and view items available for sale on your wanted list.
  •  Upload - Upload many items at once to your wanted list via a digital file or XML format.
  •  Part Out - Enter a set number and view/edit parts in that set ready for upload into your wanted list.
  •  Search - Search your wanted list using advanced search criteria.
  •  Buy - View list of shops which have the items you are looking for.