New Seller Verification

There are several requirements and steps that you must complete to become a verified seller.

Positive Feedback

BrickLink is a community-driven marketplace. To join the seller community of BrickLink, you must have at least one net positive feedback from a valid seller.

How can I get at least one positive feedback?

You can place an order from any valid BrickLink seller and pay for it. If everything goes well, your seller may give you a positive feedback.

What happens if I have any negative feedback?

Your positive feedback score needs to at least equal “one.” Therefore, if you have one negative feedback, you will need two positive feedback submissions to meet our requirements.

I just want to sell my items. Why is this process necessary?

This process will help you understand BrickLink’s shopping experience and confirm all your information for business transactions (including your email address, mailing address and payment method) are valid and in accordance with BrickLink’s Marketplace guidelines.

Upgrade to a Seller Form

Once you have at least one net positive feedback, you will be able to access the Buyer to Seller Upgrade page and fill out the form.

New Seller Verification

After you have completed the form on the Buyer to Seller Upgrade page, you will have access to the My Store section of the website. Your store will remain closed until you have completed all the steps on the New Seller Verification page and get verified by our Admin Team.

There are three main steps to complete on the New Seller Verification page:

Step 1: Add Shipping Methods

You must add at least one shipping method in your store settings. BrickLink provides predefined shipping methods, but you can also add custom shipping methods.

If your shipping method does not include a price chart, please specify shipping rates in your shipping policy. Read our Help Desk article on Shipping Methods for more info.

Step 2: Add Inventory to Your Store

To prevent fraud, we require all new sellers to add inventory to their store. Our Help Center has many valuable articles on how to get started.

Step 3: Submit Required Documentation

We require you to fill out a form and submit information for proof of ID, proof of business address, and proof of inventory. This information will only be used for identity verification purposes, and will not be sold or rented to third parties. All documents will be deleted from our server once the verification process is complete. For more information on our data practices, please see our privacy policy.

Once we receive your New Seller Verification request, we will review the information and contact you regarding next steps. This process may take up to two weeks or even longer, depending on the number of applications we receive. Please note that if you do not provide the requested information, or we are unable to verify your identity, your request will be denied.