New Seller Verification

Registered users may upgrade their existing buyer account to a seller account once they have received at least one positive feedback and have been verified by a BrickLink administrator.

How to Upgrade Your Account

Only one positive feedback from a legitimate seller is required to upgrade to a seller account. However, your BrickLink store will remain closed until your store settings and physical store information are verified. After upgrading your account, please follow the steps below to be able to open your store.

Step 1. Complete Store Settings
Visit My Store > Settings and fill in the required information.

Step 2. Submit Required Documentation
After completing Step 1, contact the Help Desk at with the following documentation:

  • Photo ID: Submit your government-issued photo identification. Acceptable IDs are driver's license, passport or identity card (all of which must show your date of birth and cannot be expired). If your current driver's license lists your address, it can be used as proof of address but cannot be used as proof of ID at the same time.
  • Proof of Address: Submit proof of residence at the address indicated at registration (PO Box not acceptable). The address should match your BrickLink store address. Accepted forms of proof of residence will show both name & address and may be a gas or telephone bill, bank statement, current lease agreement, mortgage bill, etc. Confidential information such as account numbers may be removed at your own discretion. If you choose to submit your driver's license as proof of address, you will need to submit another government-issued photo ID other than your driver's license (a passport, for example).
  • Proof of Inventory: Submit photos of your inventory next to a recent newspaper or magazine (showing a clear date) or you can submit a photo of yourself standing in your inventory room.
  • Offsite Payment Methods: If you would like to enable IBAN or other offsite payment methods in your store, you must first acquire at least 10 positive selling feedback and 3 months selling experience.

This information will only be used for identity verification purposes, and will not be sold or rented to third parties. For more information on our data practices, please see our privacy policy.

Once we receive your store verification request, we will review the information and contact you regarding next steps. This process may take up to two weeks. Please note that if you do not provide the requested information, or we are unable to verify your identity, your request will be denied.