Store Shipping Methods

Shipping & Handling fee Settings

Buyers select their shipping method at checkout. The shipping method is shown in the order notification email, invoice, and order detail screen. Sellers are not required to define any shipping methods.

Shipping Methods Settings
Sellers can define shipping & handling fee options on the Store Shipping Methods page. You can add, edit, or delete shipping methods on the Methods tab. You can only delete a defined shipping method when there are no active orders requiring that shipping method. Shipping methods with incomplete orders will be in pending deletion status until all orders are marked as completed. For sellers in the US, Germany, UK, and Netherlands, BrickLink provides rate charts from USPS, Deutsche Post, Royal Mail and NL Posts. The shipping cost will be calculated based on the rate chart you select.


You may also create a custom shipping rate chart. After choosing this option, a custom rate table will appear below the Rate Chart section. There are three kinds of custom charts that you can use:

Domestic Custom Chart: A flat rate chart will be provided for shipping to your registered country. The cost will be only calculated based on the weight information. Clicking “Add row” will allow you to define custom shipping prices for specific shipment weights.

International Custom Chart: A rate chart will be provided for international shipping pricing. Clicking “Add Zone.” will let you set zones for your custom rate chart.

Everywhere Custom Chart: The continent that your registered country is in will automatically be on the second column (next to Weight) and you can set additional zones by clicking “Add Zone”. Clicking the settings icon will allow you to have/set multiple countries in a zone.

Insurance & Handling Cost Settings
Sellers can control each shipping method's insurance option at the checkout:

  • Mandatory – Insurance is selected for the shipping method by default. Buyers must accept insurance.
  • Optional – An insurance option is provided for the shipping method. Buyers may accept or decline insurance.
  • No – An insurance option is not provided for the selected shipping method. Buyers cannot insure order.

    Set up an insurance rate chart, handling fee, and additional packaging settings in the Insurance and Options tab. The insurance table is in the Insurance tab. The Options tab displays handling fees, package dimensions, and package weight.

Automatic Shipping Calculations
Sellers can calculate the shipping cost on the My Orders Received page. Here are the steps: Note : You can simply disable or enable the feature on My Store Settings

  1. Click the blank field under the Ship. column for the order in which you want to calculate the shipping cost.
  2. A pop-up will appear next to the blank field suggesting the shipping cost.
  3. You have the option to create a shipping method by clicking the checkbox at the bottom. This shipping method will appear in your My Shipping Methods Settings.
  4. Click apply to complete the shipping calculation.

Further Information
  • Destination – For each shipping method, sellers can choose to make the shipping method available to domestic buyers, international buyers, or both.
  • Maximum Dimension and Weight – The shipping cost is not calculated if a buyer wants to purchase an item which exceeds the selected shipping method’s conditions.
  • Shipping Method Icon – Icons you set for each shipping method will show up on the Orders Received page.
  • Default Shipping Method – Sellers can assign one shipping method as default for all buyers. Sellers can also assign one shipping method as default for domestic buyers and a different shipping method as default for international buyers.
  • Shipping Comments – For each shipping method, a seller can enter comments. For example, a seller can give an estimated time for when the package will ship. This note shows up at checkout below the shipping method and is also displayed on the order detail screen.