Order Payment Status

Each order has a payment status. This page describes the possible statuses of payments and how to change them.
As a Buyer

You can change the payment status to Sent on your Orders Placed page in the Paid column. The background of the Paid column appears red if payment was not yet sent and green if payment was sent. The option to change payment status will be disabled if the seller changes the payment status. If you are not using Instant Checkout (IC), you should always wait for an invoice from the seller before sending payment.

As a Seller

You can change the status of each order to Paid by default when an order has been paid for. You can also separate the Payment Status from the Order Status column which will give you more status options for the payment.

To do this, start by selecting the "Separate order payment status from order status" option in your Orders Settings page. Each order will then have its own payment status drop-down selection box separate from the order status. After this option is selected, you will be able to change the status of your existing orders from Paid, but the option to change the order status to Paid will not be available.

Order Payment Status Defined

None - Payment not sent by buyer. This is the default status created when an order is submitted or updated.
Sent - Payment is on its way. The buyer sets the payment status to this on their orders placed page.
Received - Payment received by seller but might have not cleared the bank yet.
Clearing - Payment has been received by seller and is clearing.
Returned - Seller has returned payment to buyer.
Bounced - Payment failed to clear.
Completed - Payment has been completed.

 = Allows adding to an existing order if there is one or more order submitted to that store in that status from the same buyer.

Paid / Pending - Payment has been submitted but is still being confirmed by PayPal (typically due to an eCheck payment). Please do not ship until payment is confirmed. When PayPal confirms that the payment has cleared, the pending payment icon will no longer show next to the order payment status.