Fees & Billing Policy (full length)

You can download your bills, search for order fees, and view a breakdown of charges on the newly redesigned My Fees page.

How Bills are Calculated
Fees are charged based on the final dollar amount for each individual order that a seller receives during a monthly billing period. The fee is calculated for every order batch (order batch is every new order or addition to an existing order) at the time an order is submitted to a seller's store. All Fees are calculated and paid in US Dollars (USD). Due to low transaction volumes, certain regions are exempt from paying seller fees until payment thresholds are reached.

Fee Table
Order Batch Total Fee
$0 USD - $500 USD 3% of the Order Total
$500 USD - $1,000 USD 3% of the initial $500 ($15)
plus 2% of the remaining total
Over $1,000 USD 3% of the initial $500 ($15)
plus 2% of the initial $500 - $1,000 ($10)
plus 1% of the remaining total

How to Pay Your Bill
Please pay only after you are billed. On the 5th day of each month, we will send a bill to the e-mail address you have on file if you met the minimum bill requirement in the previous month. There are 2 ways you can pay:

  1. Pay with your PayPal account by using the Pay with PayPal button on your Fees page underneath Total Amount Due. Your account will be automatically credited when you submit payment this way.
  2. Pay with a debit or credit card by using the Pay with Card link on your Fees page underneath Total Amount Due. Your account will be automatically credited when you submit payment this way.
When are Bill Payments Due?
Seller bills are generated on the 5th of every month with a due date to pay by the 5th of the following month. After billing is processed, sellers have until the bill's due date (the 5th day of the following month) to submit payment. If payment is not received by the due date, the amount of your bill will be considered past due. Once an amount is past due, there will be another 10 days to submit payment before the amount becomes overdue on the 15th. Sellers with an overdue amount will have their selling privileges revoked until payment is submitted. Revoked privileges for overdue fees will be automatically reinstated once payment is submitted. If an amount has been overdue for 2 months, however, you will need to contact Customer Support to get your selling privileges reinstated once payment is submitted.
Billing and Fees Explained
  • Billing Adjustment Period: At the end of each billing cycle, there is a 4-day grace period for orders which are pending cancellation (in OCR or NPB status). If an order is cancelled in the same month it was created or during the subsequent adjustment period for that billing cycle, the fee will not be included on your bill for that month. All billing cycle adjustment periods end at midnight on the 4th of the month.
  • Fee Adjustments - When the fee for an order has changed, there will be a fee adjustment on your bill. A fee will change for an order when an item has been removed via Order Item Removal Request, when additional batches are added, or when an order is cancelled.
  • Fees for Batch Orders - If an order has multiple batches, the total fee will be the sum of the fees calculated for each batch. If a batch is added to an order which has already been billed, the fee will be reset and then recalculated. The recalculated fee will be on the next bill along with an adjustment entry to reflect the fee change.
  • Fees for Cancelled Orders - Orders are charged in the month in which they are created. If you have an order that is still in OCR/NPB or NPX status that has not yet been cancelled at the end of a billing cycle and its adjustment period, the charge will still be on your bill. You will be credited for any cancelled orders in the month in which they are cancelled. The fee is not refunded for orders cancelled through a Non-Responding Seller Alert or a Non-Shipping Seller Alert. Orders which have been purged from the system (6 months from the order date) cannot be cancelled, nor can their fees be refunded.
  • Fee Credits - Your account is credited immediately after you pay if you paid by clicking on the PayPal link on the invoice or via the form on your My Fees page. After your payment is credited to your account, it will appear in your My Fees page in the credits section. If the payment is not credited immediately after you paid, please contact the Help Desk. E-Check payments are credited when they are cleared.
  • Fees for Sellers with Store Prices in Currency other than US Dollar - The system calculates the fee in US dollar using the Exchange Rate of the latest order batch. When an existing order is added to, the fee is recalculated using the most recent exchange rate at the time the order batch is submitted. Tier discounts are based on totals in US Dollar.
    VAT Enabled Stores are charged a BrickLink fee based on the sum of order net prices: SUM of (price of each item in order after sale / (1 + (VAT Percentage * 0.01)) * store currency to USD exchange rate).
  • Non-Payment of Fees - Sellers who do not submit their fee payment by the 15th day of the next month from the time they are billed will have their store suspended at the discretion of the BrickLink Administration. Any seller account with an overdue balance will receive a reminder on the 5th day of the month and will have 10 more days to submit payment before their selling privileges are revoked. The account may be terminated if at least 1 more month has passed from the time the store was suspended for non-payment of fees and payment has still not been made.
Billing FAQ
  • Why was I charged for a cancelled order?
    Orders are charged in the month they are created and are credited in the month they are cancelled. If you had an order which was still in OCR or NPB status at the end of the billing cycle adjustment period, the fee cannot be removed from your bill. If the order has been cancelled properly, the fee will be credited (adjusted) on your next bill.
  • Can you adjust my bill and re-send it after I complete order cancellations?
    Your bill cannot be modified after it has been generated. If your bill contains fees for orders which have since been cancelled, the adjustment will be on your next bill.
  • I paid fees for an order on a previous bill. The buyer has since added a new batch to that order, resulting in a new order fee on my current bill. How was this fee calculated?
    When a new batch is added to an order which has already been paid for, the original fee paid is credited back to your balance that month and the new fee is recalculated. When this happens, there will be an adjustment entry for that order on your next bill to reflect the fee change.
  • Why have I not received a seller fee bill this month?
    You are only billed when you meet the minimum bill requirement ($5 for US sellers and $10 for non-US sellers) at the end of each billing cycle. If you do not meet the minimum bill requirement at the end of a billing cycle, your balance will carry over to the next billing cycle until the minimum bill requirement is met. Once that happens, you will receive an accumulated invoice on the 5th day of the following month.
Glossary of Billing Terms
  • Account Balance- Your account balance is the sum of fees from all orders received (debits) minus the sum of all payments received (credits) at any given time. This can differ from the amount you received on your bill if any orders were cancelled after the bill was generated. Please note that we cannot reissue your bill after orders are cancelled.
  • Admin Entry- A debit or credit which has been manually entered by a BrickLink Administrator. BrickLink Admins may need to enter a credit on your account if your fee payment did not go through due to a system glitch or if you have sent payment directly from PayPal. Click “Details” to see a list of all admin entries on your bill. If you are unsure why there is an admin entry on your bill, please contact Customer Support.
  • Amount Past Due - If you have not submitted payment for a bill by its due date, it will become past due. Once a bill becomes past due, you have 10 days to submit payment before your store will be suspended.
  • Billing Cycle - A billing cycle lasts from the first day of the month until the last day of the month. Seller bills are emailed to sellers on the 5th day of every month for the previous month’s billing cycle.
  • Fee Adjustment - Whenever the fee for an order has changed, it will be displayed as a Fee Adjustment. Order fees can change when a batch has been added or when there has been a cancellation. Click “Details” to see a list of all Fee Adjustments on your bill.
  • Previous balance - Any store fees carried over which have not been previously billed plus any past due amount.
  • Previous payment(s) - Any payments you’ve made toward your previous balance.
  • Minimum Bill Requirement - You will be billed if your current balance at the end of a billing cycle is at least $5.00 if you are located in the USA or at least $10.00 if you are located outside of the USA. If your sales for the current billing cycle have not reached the minimum required to generate a bill by the end of the month, your fees will continue to carry over to future billing cycles until the minimum is met. On December 5th of each year, however, all accounts are billed for any outstanding balance, even if they are under the $5.00 and $10.00 threshold.
  • New BrickLink Order Fees - The total amount of new (not previously billed) BrickLink order fees on your bill.
  • Total Amount Due - Your account balance calculated at the time of billing plus any past due amount.