Feedback is the way you let other members know how you feel about your dealings with a particular member.

Every BrickLink member has a Feedback Profile made up of comments (positive, negative, or neutral) from other members as well as a Feedback Rating. For every positive feedback a member receives, his or her feedback rating is increased by 1. For every negative feedback a member receives, his or her feedback rating is decreased by 1. Click on the feedback rating (number) next to a username on any page to view the feedback profile of that member.

A member's feedback is a key factor people use to determine whether or not they want to trade with that member. What feedback you give or receive is an important part of your trading reputation at BrickLink.

Before placing an order with a particular seller, it is helpful to check the seller's feedback and review it. While it is common for a seller to have a small percentage of neutral or negative feedbacks, if you see a large number, you may want to view the specific comments made.

Many sellers complete transactions as both buyers and sellers. If you would prefer to see only the feedback left for the member as a seller, click on the blue "seller" link underneath the feedback table.

It is recommended that you consider the seller's reputation before placing an order.

Posting Feedback:
If you were treated well by a buyer or seller, reward him or her with a positive comment. If you were treated poorly, try to resolve the problem first by contacting the other person. Most problems can be corrected by improving communication between buyer and seller. If things are still not resolved, you may leave a negative comment.

You can post 1 feedback per order. There are 2 ways you can post feedback:

  • One at a time - On your Orders Placed or Orders Received page, click on the Post link next to an order.

  • Many at once - Use the Feedback Post page which shows all orders for which you have not yet posted feedback. Select for which orders you want to post and post feedback comments all at once.

Once you post feedback for a transaction, your orders placed and received screens will show an icon depending on the type of feedback you posted next to the transaction instead of a link to post the feedback:

- Praise
- Neutral
- Complaint

- Feedback was removed by BrickLink Administration (more info)

When Should I Post Feedback:
This depends on if you are a buyer or seller in a transaction. These are general guidelines which are not enforced but are here to give a general understanding on when feedback should be posted.
  • Buyer - You should post feedback after you receive your items and set the status of your order to completed. You should not post feedback before you receive your items.

  • Seller - You should post feedback after you receive payment or after the buyer receives your items. You will know that they received your items by them setting the order status as completed, notifying you by e-mail or by them leaving you feedback. You should not post feedback before payment is received.
Replying to Feedback:
You may reply to feedback others have posted for you. You can post 1 reply per feedback. To post a reply, scroll down to the bottom of your feedback profile page and click on Reply. A Reply link will appear next to each feedback. Clicking on it will bring you to a screen that lets you reply to that feedback. You can only reply to feedback that was posted to you.

If a reply has been posted to a feedback you posted and you are logged in, you have an option to leave a follow-up comment to the reply. To post a follow-up, you must be on a page that shows the feedback and the reply. Scroll to the bottom of the page and if you are logged in, a link to follow-up on the reply will show. Click it and then click the follow-up link next to the feedback. This will bring you to a screen that lets you follow-up to the reply on that feedback. You can only follow-up to feedback that you posted and it has a reply.

Members with Negative Feedback Score
Sellers have an option in their Store Management Settings to disallow members with a negative feedback score(rating) to buy in their store. When enabled, members who have a feedback rating which is less than zero will not be able to check out in that store.