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The lifetime of a transaction is defined by its status. The below outlines each status an order can have:

Pending - Order has been submitted and not yet acknowledged by the seller.
Updated - Items have been added to or removed from the order.
Processing - Order has been acknowledged by the seller but not yet ready to be invoiced.
Ready - Items in order verified, shipping or any additional costs added. Seller sends an Invoice to the buyer.
Paid- Payment received.
Packed - Package has been sealed but not yet shipped.
Shipped - Package has been shipped but not yet received by buyer.
Received - Package has been received but the buyer has not yet verified the contents on the package.
Completed - Package received, contents verified, the order is completed.
OCR - Order Cancel Request has been initiated by the buyer or seller.
NPB - Non-Paying Buyer Alert has been initiated by the seller.
NPX - Non-Paying Buyer Alert has been initiated by the seller. Buyer wishes to cancel the order and accept penalty.
NRS - Non-Responding Seller Alert has been initiated by the buyer.
NSS - Non-Shipping Seller Alert has been initiated by the buyer.
Cancelled - Order has been Cancelled.
Additional Notes:
 = Buyer sets this status.
 = Seller sets this status.
 = System sets this status.

 = Allows adding to an existing order if there is one or more order submitted to that store in that status from the same buyer.
 = The buyer may not submit any more orders while they have 1 or more orders in that store with this status.

When the status is changed to Completed, you can change it up to 1 week on your Orders Placed and Orders Received pages.

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