Non-Paying Buyer Alert (NPB)

If there is no payment or communication from the buyer within seven days of submitting an order, the seller may file a Non-Paying Buyer (NPB) alert.

We will remind the buyer to pay the seller and inform them of the consequences of non-payment. After filing the alert, the order status will change to NPB and the buyer will not be able to submit further orders in the seller's store.

The seller should remove the alert after resolving payment with the buyer.

How to File a Non-Paying Buyer Alert:
Go to the Problem Order page, enter the order ID and the option to file a Non-Paying Buyer Alert will appear if the following conditions are met:
  • You are the seller in the transaction
  • At least seven days have passed since the order was last submitted or updated.
  • Current Order Status cannot be NPB, NPX, NRS, NSS or Cancelled.
  • Current Payment Status cannot be Paid.
How to Remove a Non-Paying Buyer Alert:
Go to the Problem Order page and enter the order ID. The option to remove the NPB will appear if the order is in NPB or NPX status. Removing the alert will set the order back to Pending status.

If the buyer responds, the seller can Cancel the order two weeks after filing the NPB. If the buyer does not respond, the seller can cancel the order one week after filing the NPB.

Buyer's Response to NPB and NPX Status:
If the buyer does not pay for the order and is willing to accept the consequences, then the buyer may select the option Cancel Order and Accept Penalty on the Problem Order page. The order will change to NPX status and the seller can then cancel the order at any time. This option only appears to the buyer if the order is in NPB status.

If the buyer selected this option and later wishes to pay for the order and complete the transaction and the order has not been canceled yet by the seller then the buyer can select option "Never Mind, I will be Paying for the Order" which appears on the Problem Order page if the order is in NPB status.

Note: changing an order status to and from NPB and NPX does not change the order status changed date.

Completing a Non-Paying Buyer Alert & Consequences:
Seller can complete a Non-Paying Buyer Alert by canceling the order. When that happens, the following are consequences for the non-paying buyer:

  • First Canceled Order After NPB - Warning
  • Second Canceled Orders After NPB - Warning
  • Third Canceled Orders After NPB - Buyer Privileges are permanently revoked.