Problem with Order: Buyer's Options

If there is a problem with an order, please try to resolve the problem with the seller before exploring additional options.
Options on BrickLink
  • Contact the Seller - Email communication may be unreliable at times and it may be possible that the seller is not receiving your emails. If you do not get a reply to an email, contact the seller using the My Messages system. Enter the order ID on the Contact Form and send the message. In your Outbox, you can later see whether or not the seller has read your message.

  • Removal of Individual Items from an Order - If you want to remove one or more items from an order but not cancel the whole order, please use the Order Item Removal Request page. This feature should not be used with prior intent to remove items from the order before the order is submitted. It also should not be used to remove all items from the order. To remove all items from an order, the whole order should be canceled on the Problem Order page instead.

  • Order Cancel Request - If you want to cancel the order after it was submitted and the reason is listed in the Order Cancelation Policy as a valid reason to cancel, you may file an Order Cancel Request. Neither the seller nor the buyer is penalized for canceling an order via an Order Cancel Request. The seller then has an option to cancel the order. If you have a valid reason to cancel and the seller refuses to cancel and files a Non-Paying Buyer Alert, Contact BrickLink for removal of the alert.

  • Non-Shipping Seller Alert and Non-Responding Seller Alert - File a Non-Shipping Seller Alert if payment has been made and you haven't received your order and you are not able to resolve the situation with the seller. File a Non-Responding Seller Alert if no payment has been made and the seller has not responded.These complaints can be filed if at least 7 days have passed from the order date.
    • If the problem is not resolved within 2 weeks of submitting an NSS or NRS, you should Cancel the Order which will complete the complaint. If a seller has 3 orders canceled via NSS/NRS combined, their store is automatically shut down by the system and their selling privileges are revoked.
    • If the problem is resolved, please remove the complaint on the same page where it was filed.
    • If an NSS is filed and the seller contacts BrickLink with proof of shipping then the NSS will be removed. If an NRS is filed and the seller responded to the complaint and contacts BrickLink then the NRS will be removed.

  • Feedback - Post appropriate Feedback to the seller.
  • Options Outside of BrickLink
    • Tracking Number - If the seller has provided you with a tracking number, you can view the status of the package online by entering the number in the website of the postal service which was used to ship the package. The tracking number can be viewed on the order detail page which is accessible by clicking on the order ID on your Orders Placed page.

    • Getting Your Money Back - If you paid by PayPal, you can claim your money back on the PayPal website. To do this, log in to your account on the PayPal website, go to the Resolution Center, file a dispute, and then escalate the dispute to a claim. If you paid via credit card / Stripe, you can file a chargeback.

    • Postal Insurance Claim - If you paid for insurance and the package was damaged or has not arrived, file a claim with the post office. Here are some tips:
    The vast majority of BrickLink sellers are honest and the chance of being a victim of fraud while buying on BrickLink is very small. In the event that you become a victim of fraud on BrickLink, in addition to the options listed above, please read the below:
    • Retain Evidence - Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, mailing envelopes, certified or other mail receipts, a printed copy of the BrickLink order or similar items.

    • File Fraud Charges with Post Office - If you sent the seller payment via the post office or to a PO box, contact the postal service and file charges.

    • File Fraud Charges with Online Payment Service - If you sent the seller payment via an online payment service such as PayPal, report the incident to an appropriate area of the online payment service. If you paid by PayPal, read the instructions further up this page on how to file a claim on the PayPal website to get your money back.
    Offsite Fraud Reporting

    • FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center - IC3 accepts online Internet fraud complaints from either the person who believes they were defrauded or from a third party to the complaint. A complaint can be filed with the IC3 if at least one of the 2 parties in the dispute is located within the United States.

    • Federal Trade Commission Complaint Assistant
      FTC Toll-Free Hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)