Contact Form & My Messages

"My Messages" is a BrickLink web-based communication system that any registered member can use. Every member has an option located in My Contact Settings to specify if they want to receive contact messages and invoices to their e-mail address only, to My Messages or to both e-mail and My Messages. The default is both. Messages regarding an order are sent to My Messages regardless of preference and optionally to the recipient's e-mail address depending on preference.
Sending Messages:
Use the Contact Form to send a message to a registered member. Enter an order ID if you want to ask a question about an order. If you contact an administrator then all administrators in that position will be able to view and reply to your message. Messages sent by sellers using the Contact Mailing List Form to all members who are subscribed to receive announcements from their store are also sent to My Messages to all recipients who have set to receive contact messages to My Messages. Replies regarding orders do not include the quoted message in the reply box.
Viewing Messages:
My Messages contains an Inbox to view messages you received and an Outbox that stores messages you sent. Click on the subject to view the message. Click on the "Reply" icon to reply to the message. by each message indicates if a message has been replied to. In your outbox, you can see if a message has been read by the recipient:
  • Subject is in blue bold color - message has not been read by the recipient.
  • Subject is in blue normal color - message has been read by the recipient.
  • Subject is in blue italics color - recipient accepts contact messages to e-mail only.
  • Subject is in red color - message has been deleted by the recipient without reading it.
  • Subject is in gray color - are messages sent to a mailing list (store announcements sent to all members who are subscribed or administrators). Since there can be several recipients, whether or not the message was read is not applicable.
Inbox is further subdivided into:
  • Invoices - View your invoices if you selected to receive invoices to My Messages.
  • Order - Messages sent through the contact form regarding orders.
  • Contact - Other messages sent through the contact form.
  • Service - Messages sent through the contact form to and from administrators.
Message Alert:
You are alerted on top of all BrickLink pages if you have any new (unread) messages:

The system checks for new message upon every login (automatic login is also done if you are inactive for 20 minutes or longer) so the count might not be always up-to-date. The count of unread messages is decreased when the following happens:

  • You read the message
  • You delete unread messages
  • The sender deletes the message before you read it
Your myBrickLink Welcome page shows a yellow exclamation point in front of the "My Messages" folder tab if you have any unread messages which is always up-to-date because the page checks if you have any new messages every time you enter it.

Deleting Messages:
You can delete messages from your inbox or outbox which will hide them from your view but the message is actually purged from the system when:
  • The sender has deleted the message from their outbox and none of the recipients have read it yet.
  • The sender is the same as recipient.
  • Message was read and the sender and the recipient deleted the message
  • Messages regarding orders are purged when the order is purged. All other messages are purged after 1 month.
  • Member has unregistered or is terminated - all messages are deleted where the member is the sender.
High Priority Messages:
When sending a message through the Contact Form, you have an option to flag your message as high priority.
In My Messages, high priority messages are flagged as follows:
  • - High Priority Message Not Yet Read by Recipient
  • - High Priority Message Read by Recipient
Please send high priority messages only in urgent cases such as when your buyer or seller is not responding to you.