How do I Find Items?

This tutorial shows how to find the store that has the items you are looking for.
Items For Sale:
  • List of Stores - See the whole list of BrickLink stores as well as browse items for sale by category. Click on a store to go into it. The number next to the store shows the number of items in that store. The I before the store shows whether or not the store ships internationally.

  • Find Stores - Find the stores which have the items you are looking for depending on the criteria you select. After you enter your search criteria, you are taken to a results page showing you the stores which have the items you are looking for. Click on the store to go to that store and view the items in that store.

  • Items For Sale Search - Enter criteria you are looking for. You can also search using the search box on top of every page. After you search for something, you are taken to a results page. Click on the "Go Buy It" button to enter the store.

  • New Items for Sale - Click on the "new items for sale" link in the center top of the page below the search box on every page to go to a calendar page and browse items for sale listed by day.
Reference Catalog:
  • Catalog - The catalog is a reference of all LEGO products released. Some of the items in the catalog might not be for sale and some items for sale might not be in the catalog. The catalog is a good way to narrow down items you are looking for. On the catalog home page, you can search the catalog or browse its many categories. If you get back more than 1 result from searching or browsing the catalog, you are taken to a results page. Click on the item number to see the detail about that item. On the detail page, in the "Current Inventory" section, click on the links to view items listed for sale. This will take you to a page that lists stores that have the item for sale. Breakdown by colors is also available.

  • Set Inventories - BrickLink has information on which parts and minifigures appear in which sets which also allows you to enter a set number and see which parts or minifigures appear in that set. This makes locating exactly the part or minifigure you are looking for very easy. On the catalog home page, key in a set number in the search box which will take you to the page for that set. Click on the Inv link in the top-right corner of that page to view which parts and minifigures come in that set. If no Inv link is present then information on which parts appear in that set is not yet available.

    Caution - Not every set may contain information on which parts it contains. This information must be first entered into the system by our members. You too can contribute to this effort which is called inventorying a set. For more information on how to supply this information, please visit the Add Inventory page.

Wanted List:
If you have a long list of items to search for and want to buy from as few stores as possible, you can add those items to your Wanted List. Then, go to the My Wanted Items By Shop page which will show the top stores with most items on your list.

For more information, view the Wanted List help topic.