Wanted List

Wanted Lists are a great way to compile a list of items to buy on BrickLink. You can create as many Wanted Lists as you would like to accommodate your different shopping and project needs.

After creating a Wanted List, you can head to the Buy Page in order to find the best store or combination of stores that allow you to buy and complete the Wanted List.

How do I Add Items to My Wanted List?
There are several ways you can add items to your Wanted List:
  • Across the website - Throughout the catalog, storefront, and homepage, look for a heart by your desired item to add it to a Wanted List.
  • Within a Wanted List - Inside each individual Wanted List, click the “Add Item” button at the top to choose an item from the catalog to add to the respective Wanted List.
  • Upload a File or XML - Directly upload popular files or input an XML in order to generate a list of items to add to your desired Wanted List.
  • Part Out an Item - Choose an item that you would like to breakdown into its individual components in order to add them to your desired Wanted List.
You can only add items that are defined in the catalog. When adding Parts or Gear, you can either select the color you desire or select to be notified regardless of color.
Wanted Quantity and Have Quantity
For each item in your Wanted List, you can specify a Wanted Quantity that is needed to complete it. You can also specify the Have Quantity attached to each Wanted Quantity in order to track the progress of the item’s completion. It is a good idea to update your Have Quantity as you receive items in the mail as a way to both check off items and track progress.

When buying the items in your Wanted List in the Buy Page, BrickLink will automatically account for each item’s Have Quantity and look for the remaining Wanted Quantity.

For lots that have a quantity less than the Wanted Quantity you specify, BrickLink will not notify you by e-mail.

Maximum Price:
For each item in your Wanted List, you can also specify the Maximum Price you are willing to pay for it. When shopping in a store, you will be able to see if their price meets your Maximum Price or not.

For lots that have a price higher than the Maximum Price you specify, BrickLink will notify you by e-mail.

My Remarks:
You can enter your own remarks about each item in your Wanted List. Your remarks are only visible to you.

For example you can enter how many of that item you have or how many of that item you are still looking for or you can enter a project code of a project where you need that item.


  • Limited to 128 characters.
  • How do I edit items on my Wanted List?
    You can make changes to items and their values in a Wanted List by pressing the "Edit" button located at the top right. This will begin Edit Mode which makes all values editable.

    You can alternatively start Edit Mode by clicking on an individual value that you would like to change.

    Once you are done with your edits, please make sure to save your changes by clicking the “Save Changes” button in the bar that appears on the bottom edge of your window.

    How do I use the Apply Order tool?
    After clicking the "Apply Order" button in the top right, you can look for recent orders that have matching items with your Wanted List. After selecting an order, the tool will list all matching items so that you can specify quantities for each respective item to apply towards your Have Quantity.

    Please note that the tool cannot currently keep track of where each order quantity is applied to so be mindful about orders that satisfy multiple Wanted Lists at once.

    How can I use the Select Menu bar?
    Within each individual Wanted List, there is a Select Menubar with tools to help you edit a selection of items at once. Please be sure to select at least one item before choosing one of the following actions:
    • Move - Move all selected items to a desired Wanted List.
    • Copy - Copy all selected items to a desired Wanted List.

    • Apply Color - Applies a color to all applicable selected items.
    • Apply Condition - Applies a condition to all selected items.
    • Apply Price - Applies a price to all selected items. You can choose to manually enter a price, match the price guide, or increase/decrease the price by either a percentage or amount.
    • Apply Quantity - Apply a quantity to or multiple/divide the quantity of the selected items.
    • Apply Remark - Applies a remark to all selected items.

    • Delete - Delete all selected items.

    • Buy All or Buy # Selected - Look for stores that can best satisfy all or the selected items. You will be redirected to the Buy page.