Featured, Recommended and Honored Stores

You may decide to shop at BrickLink stores that guarantee good customer service, a dedicated staff and a wide selection of items to choose from. Here are some ways to begin looking for a featured store that suits your buying needs:
Featured & Highlighted Stores
Featured and highlighted stores are stores that achieved the highest volume of sales during the previous month. Featured stores are the top 10 worldwide and highlighted stores are the top 11 to 60 worldwide.

You can visit the Stores page to browse featured and highlighted stores located in your continent.
Recommended Stores
Recommended stores appear on the homepage and are based on a store's feedback and store sales:

Stores with recent praise (Left)

These stores received the most recent positive feedback (Praise) from buyers in your geographical area (state/province/country).

Stores with a sale (Right)

These stores posted about their store promotion in the Sales topic of the BrickLink forums.
Honored Stores
Honored stores are stores that made the highest contributions to catalog inventories and images within the past 2 weeks. These stores are run by individuals who donate their time and expertise to the BrickLink catalog.

On the Stores page, you can view the honored stores with the highest contributions. Visit Catalog Credits > Honored Stores for a list of all honored stores ranked by their number of contributions.

If you are a seller and want to learn how to be featured, please visit the Getting Featured help page.