Getting Featured

There are so many great stores on BrickLink, but unfortunately we are not able to feature all of them. Rather, there are ways you can increase your chances of being featured by fulfilling the criteria explained below:

Featured & Highlighted Stores

Featured and highlighted stores are listed on the Stores page. These are stores that have achieved the highest volume of sales during the previous month. Featured stores are the top 10 worldwide and highlighted stores are the top 11 to 60 worldwide.

How it works:
  • Stores are ranked by fees paid. When the billing cycle is calculated on the 1st of every month, the system ranks all sellers who paid fees the previous month, from highest to lowest. For example, the list shown in the month of March will be based on fees paid in February, for the sales that happened during the month of January. The top 10 sellers will have their store featured and the next 50 sellers will have their store highlighted. The store list is sorted by continent, then by store name. They are not sorted by rank.

  • Stores can move on and off the list. Closed, empty, and suspended stores do not appear on the featured and highlighted list. If a featured or highlighted store closes or deletes their inventory, the next runner-up takes their place. Vice versa, if a store with a higher ranking reopens, it bumps the lowest ranked store down the list.
If your store is not featured or highlighted, do not worry! Almost all buyers look for something specific and as long as you have the items that buyers need, they will be able to find your store through the search engine, catalog, or their wanted list.

To still be considered for a feature, read “More Ways to Get Featured” below.

Recommended Stores (on Homepage)

The section titled "Shop in Stores" on the homepage recommends stores that fall under the following criteria:
  1. Stores with recent praise

    These are stores that received the most recent positive feedback (Praise) from buyers located in the vicinity of the user. If a buyer posts a praise to multiple stores, the store with the most recent comment will appear. If a buyer posts multiple praises to one store, only the first comment posted in the last 7 days will appear. If a store receives multiple praises from different buyers at the same time, the most recent comment will appear. As a result, all users are shown recommended stores that buyers of their region (state/province/country) have recently praised. The praise given to a store must contain a valid comment of at least 20 characters for it to appear on the homepage.

    In order to be eligible, your store must meet the following requirements:

    • Create at least 1 Featured Lot that includes at least 4 items. A Featured Lot is helpful for promoting some of your inventory. Make sure to write a 'Group Name' and "Description' for each Featured Lot so that buyers understand what's being featured. To set this up, visit your Store Settings > Display > Featured Lots.

    • Enable onsite payment. Your store must support at least ONE onsite payment method: PayPal Standard, Credit/Debit, or both. Visit your Store Settings > Payments: Accepted Payments.

    • Be open. Your store needs to be in current Open status. If you close your store for any reason, you will be eligible starting from the day you reopen. Visit your Store Settings > Management: Store Status.

    • Maintain a good standing. Make sure your account is in good standing with BrickLink and your customers. If you have had unresolved problem orders within the past 6 months, overdue bills, or are blocked by users, you will decrease your chances of being recommended.

  2. Stores with a sale

    These are stores that post about their store promotion in the Sales topic of the BrickLink forums. Your store must be in good standing (as mentioned above), ship to the user's location, and contain a valid message of at least 20 characters in order to appear on the homepage.

Honored Stores

Honored stores are stores that made the highest contributions to the Reference Catalog in the past 2 weeks. On the Stores page, the top 3 stores in each contribution area are shown.

The following is a description of contribution areas in which recognition is given:
  1. Highest Inventories Submitters - These are stores which supplied the highest combined number of unique items in new inventories and the highest number of inventory change requests in the past 2 weeks. One point is given for each unique item in a new inventory and one point per change in a change request. Visit the Inventories, Add Inventory and Inventory Change Request pages to find out what inventories are and how you can contribute.

  2. Highest Image Submitters - These are stores which supplied the highest number of images to the reference catalog in the past 2 weeks. Visit the Add Image page for instructions on how you can contribute images to the catalog.

Visit Catalog Credits > Honored Stores for a ranking of all Honored Stores that contributed to catalog inventories and images in the past 2 weeks.

More Ways to Get Featured

We offer a Seller Story program, which gives all BrickLink stores the opportunity to be featured. Sellers that share interesting information about their store, selling experiences, and/or their LEGO hobby will earn a prominent spotlight on the homepage. Learn more about the program or fill out the form to submit a proposal.