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View Thread Re: Zero Feedback Buyers - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] Totally agree! Implementing instant checkout has pretty much done away with all the first time NPB buyers we received in the past and it has made everything so much [...]
(3 days ago, Feb 14, 2020, to Help)
[...] If by saying "The other way" you mean sending mail out from China then it to makes sense to curtail outgoing mail also because this will help limit the contact of mail [...]
(4 days ago, Feb 13, 2020, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Wii U Jurassic World w/ Dr. Wu Figure - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] It looks to be the same minifig in the (Set 5000193818-1) At least the article you linked to shows it to be the same minifig with the exact same pose and everything. [...]
(9 days ago, Feb 8, 2020, to Buying)
View Thread Re: Global Cart - Yes or No - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] +1 Also, what happens when one package of 6 goes missing? And if that package were to have come from one of those stores that feel that once the package leaves their [...]
(10 days ago, Feb 7, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: Overly stringent requirements to open shop - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] An impartial contracted third party - That is who you would trust?? Not me. I would much prefer an employee of BrickLink. Plus, in reference to the people who handle [...]
(11 days ago, Feb 5, 2020, to Selling)
View Thread Re: Seller isn't considerate - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] It will be interesting to see what The Lego Group will do with stores like this with so many neg / neut feedbacks. 70 negative compared to 18448 does not sound that bad [...]
(13 days ago, Feb 4, 2020, to Buying)
View Thread Re: Feedback and Buyers - TheBrickGuys (9155)
If enacting instant checkout is not an option for you then what about just charging more for your parts? I noticed that out of all your lots only about 170 have more than 10 [...]
(14 days ago, Feb 2, 2020, to Problem)
View Thread Re: SLOW SITE AGAIN, ADMIN RUSSEL, ANYTHING? - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] Gee, And you wonder why admin does not reply to your questions?
(19 days ago, Jan 29, 2020, to General)
View Thread Goatleg figfind files for personal computer - TheBrickGuys (9155)
Before goatleg went down I was able to download files he offered for searching the BL catalog. I contacted 62 bricks and asked him if I could offer them here on the forums and [...]
(22 days ago, Jan 26, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: Unfair feedback received - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] Is what they charged in excess of what their Shipping Policies on their Terms page state that it should be? How much did your order weigh and how much was charged for [...]
(27 days ago, Jan 21, 2020, to Feedback)
View Thread Re: bookmark it please - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] Side note.... My all time favorite was the retaliatory negative feed back emoji. That was so unexpected and funny. Thanks for that! Jim
(29 days ago, Jan 19, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: Buyer paid before being invoiced - TheBrickGuys (9155)
I refunded the original payment and [...] Just so you know, recently PayPal changed the way they do refunds. In the past, when you refunded a customer a partial or full refund, [...]
(30 days ago, Jan 18, 2020, to Problem Order)
View Thread Re: BL will be a lot smaller in the future... - TheBrickGuys (9155)
By the way: did you know that only 0.7% of the 10.000+ stores (that is about 70 stores) are responsible for 30% of all sales on Bricklink? Very interesting. How did [...]
(1 month ago, Jan 13, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: BL will be a lot smaller in the future... - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] And this is a good two.
(1 month ago, Jan 13, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: BL will be a lot smaller in the future... - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] Now that was a good one.
(1 month ago, Jan 13, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: More bugs - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] You know it might be better to wait for the fly to get off your nose before you spray it, just a thought.;) Jim.
(1 month ago, Jan 13, 2020, to Problem)
View Thread Re: Holy Grail of Lego kits - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] Where are all the pictures from? Are these pics of your sets? Jim.
(1 month ago, Jan 7, 2020, to General)
View Thread Re: Happy 2020!!!!!! - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] A rampage in itself would have been cute. Maybe not at first but a few days later (after all the mayhem was cleaned up and straightened out) when looking back [...]
(1 month ago, Jan 6, 2020, to My Own Creation)
View Thread Re: Is this too complicated to understand? - TheBrickGuys (9155)
I think your just too concerned about offering to many choices for postage. Yes, you may be able to offer allot of choices to your customer but you mostly sell parts right? I [...]
(2 months ago, Dec 28, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Re: Guardian " lego take ovrer BL" - TheBrickGuys (9155)
[...] With all the long, well thought out, responses being posted here on the topic at hand I feel compelled to post a long response so that I do not appear stupit to others [...]
(2 months ago, Dec 21, 2019, to General)

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