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View Thread Coming Soon: Instant Checkout - Admin112 Rpl
Dear BrickLink sellers, We know that selling on BrickLink is a unique experience, one which is unmatched by any other marketplace platform. We've heard that many of you are tired [...]
(13 months ago, Jun 13, 2017, to NEWS)
View Thread Coming Soon: MOSAICK - Admin73 Rpl
Dear BrickLink Sellers, Mosaick's beta release is just around the corner! As we make the finishing touches on this awesome new tool, we want to share with you exactly what this [...]
(14 months ago, May 24, 2017, to NEWS)
View Thread Introducing Easy Buy - Admin28 Rpl
We are happy to announce Easy Buy, a convenient new shopping tool for BrickLink buyers. It automatically fills carts so that you can purchase all of the items in a Stud.io Creation [...]
(15 months ago, May 9, 2017, to NEWS)
View Thread Tell Your BrickLink Story - Admin2 Rpl
The story behind your store can be just as fun as the LEGO that you sell. We’re launching a new program for ANY BrickLink seller to show and tell what goes on behind-the-scenes [...]
(22 months ago, Sep 29, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread Official Release of New Storefront - Admin48 Rpl
Today, we gladly announce the launch of the new storefront project. It’s not just about a modernized look. The team has been focusing on improving the shopping experience without [...]
(26 months ago, Jun 8, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread Wanted List Upgrade - Admin115 Rpl
Through a recent survey, we found that many users struggled to even use the Wanted List and desired an easier way to find the best combination of stores for their more complex [...]
(26 months ago, Jun 8, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread Say Hello to All New BrickLink - Admin227 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, Your long wait for a newer and better BrickLink is finally over... almost! All the BrickLink staff and admins are proud to announce preview release of [...]
(26 months ago, May 17, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread Find your 1x5 on BrickLink - Admin15 Rpl
Have you ever used a dating service to meet potential soulmates but felt like they never understood your LEGO passion? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options to meet [...]
(28 months ago, Apr 1, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread Browser Support Announcement - Admin9 Rpl
Starting April 1st, we will end support for Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8 and older. Support for SSL 3.0 will also be discontinued, but we will still support TLS 1.0 and [...]
(29 months ago, Mar 10, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread Preview of BrickLink’s New Storefront - Admin239 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, As we settle into the new year, we are happy to announce the new changes coming to all BrickLink stores near you! The storefront has largely remained unchanged [...]
(29 months ago, Feb 17, 2016, to NEWS)
View Thread On your mark, Brickset, go! - Admin20 Rpl
If you haven’t heard the news yet, it’s true. We’re collaborating with Brickset, the popular LEGO set guide and database, to make BrickLink more accessible to LEGO fans around [...]
(33 months ago, Nov 6, 2015, to NEWS)
View Thread Resolving Address Mismatch on PayPal Orders - Admin15 Rpl
In our efforts to make BrickLink a fully modernized website, we’re launching a new feature to help eliminate problem disputes that arise from shipping address discrepancies between [...]
(34 months ago, Oct 13, 2015, to NEWS)
View Thread Collaboration with Rebrickable Goes Live - Admin3 Rpl
We’re happy to announce a new collaboration with Rebrickable.com. With this update, Rebrickable pages will provide links to BrickLink stores that have the complete or partial inventory [...]
(37 months ago, Jul 21, 2015, to NEWS)