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View Thread Crowdfunding is officially open! - Admin
In case you missed it, BrickLink and the LEGO Group are celebrating 60 years of the LEGO brick with the AFOL community by realizing unique designs with truly original themes. We [...]
(7 months ago, Feb 1, 2019, to NEWS)
View Thread Thank you for submitting your designs to the AFOL Designer Program! - Admin
It feels like we only just announced the news of our collaboration with the LEGO Group, but here we are, with the submission phase of the AFOL Designer Program officially over. [...]
(9 months ago, Nov 19, 2018, to NEWS)
View Thread Your design can become a limited edition 60 Years Anniversary set! - Admin
After we posted a teaser about the AFOL Designer Program, we closely monitored the conversation surrounding it. It was fun to read what you all thought this program would be. So [...]
(12 months ago, Sep 12, 2018, to NEWS)
View Thread Collaboration with the LEGO Group - Admin
Today is such an exciting day at the BrickLink office because we finally get to reveal a very special collaboration with none other than the LEGO Group. We’ve been bursting at [...]
(12 months ago, Sep 6, 2018, to NEWS)
View Thread Coming Soon: Instant Checkout - Admin
Dear BrickLink sellers, We know that selling on BrickLink is a unique experience, one which is unmatched by any other marketplace platform. We've heard that many of you are tired [...]
(27 months ago, Jun 13, 2017, to NEWS)
View Thread Coming Soon: MOSAICK - Admin
Dear BrickLink Sellers, Mosaick's beta release is just around the corner! As we make the finishing touches on this awesome new tool, we want to share with you exactly what this [...]
(27 months ago, May 24, 2017, to NEWS)
View Thread Introducing Easy Buy - Admin
We are happy to announce Easy Buy, a convenient new shopping tool for BrickLink buyers. It automatically fills carts so that you can purchase all of the items in a Stud.io Creation [...]
(28 months ago, May 9, 2017, to NEWS)
View Thread Tell Your BrickLink Story - Admin
The story behind your store can be just as fun as the LEGO that you sell. We’re launching a new program for ANY BrickLink seller to show and tell what goes on behind-the-scenes [...]
(35 months ago, Sep 29, 2016, to NEWS)