How do I Add Items to My Shopping Cart?

There are several different types of items for sale with each having its additional optional attributes. This is a detailed help topic showing all types of items for sale and how to buy them. Visit How Do I Buy? New User Tutorial for a more generic overview of a store and its sections.
Regular Item:

Quantity available for sale for this item is 150. Quantity 1 of this item costs $0.30. Enter the quantity of this item you want to buy and click on the "Add Selected Items to Shopping Cart" on the bottom of the page (or click enter) to add the desired quantity of this item to your shopping cart.

Bulk Lot:

Bulk lots are identified by having a (x{quantity}) next to their quantity available for sale. The number in parentheses after the quantity indicates the bulk amount. The seller requests that you buy this item in multiples of this bulk amount. In this example the seller asks you to buy this item in multiples of 50 so you can buy 50 or 100 but not 13, 25, etc. If the quantity on hand is less than the Bulk Amount- for example, 20 (x50)- you can buy out the remainder of the lot as if the Bulk Amount is equal to the quantity available.

Item on Sale with Tiered Pricing:

This item is on sale. The original price is crossed out and shown in grey color. The seller has also entered additional discount that is applied to the cost of the item determined on the quantity you buy (commonly referred to as tiered pricing).

Super Lot:

Super lots are items bound together which also have to be purchased together. The above example shows an individual item that is bound to a super lot. Click on the "View Super Lot" button to view all items in that super lot with an option to buy a specified quantity of the super lot (see screenshot below).

By buying quantity 1 of the super lot, you will buy one of each of the items bound to the super lot (listed in the above picture) so you will end up with 1 white window 1 x 2 x 2 plane and one Trans-Black glass for Window 1 x 2 x 2 plane in your shopping cart (2 items). By buying quantity 3 of the super lot, you will end up with 3 windows and 3 glasses for window in your shopping cart (6 items).