How do I Buy?

This topic assumes you have learned How to Find Items, located items you want to buy, and entered a store with those items.
Item Availability:
When you enter a store, the available quantity of each item at that time is displayed. However, it is possible that someone else already bought those items while you were adding items to your shopping cart or checking out. If some items have a different quantity or are not available at checkout, BrickLink will show you the items and give you two options. Those options are resubmitting the order or abandoning your cart.

If the order total does not meet the store’s minimum buy amount, you will be given the option to either abandon the cart or add more items to your order.

Global Cart and Store Cart:
There are two visible carts when visiting a store on BrickLink. The green cart within the store is a store-specific cart (a summary of items added within the store), and the one in the top navigation is the global cart (a summary of all items added to various store carts).

Submitting an Order:
To complete your order, you must be registered on BrickLink and logged in. You can then select how you want to pay for your order, how you want your order to be shipped, whether you want your order to be insured, and add comments to the seller. When you are ready to submit an order, press the Place Order button at the bottom of the page. By submitting an order, you are entering a legal contract to purchase all items in that order. Please read the seller’s terms and conditions and only submit an order if you are committed to purchasing all items in your order. Terms and conditions vary from store to store, so it is important that you understand them. If you are uncertain about a seller’s terms and conditions, contact the seller before placing your order. You can view the Store Terms tab at any point prior to checkout. After you submit the order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you did not receive this e-mail, you can check if the order was properly submitted by going to your Orders Placed page.
Adding to an Existing Order:
If you placed an order and would like to add additional items, you may do so only if the order has not been marked as paid, packed, or shipped. Otherwise, any attempt at adding to the order will create a new and separate order. The following conditions must be true to make further additions to your order:

  1. Order status must be Pending, Updated, Processing, or Ready.
  2. Order Payment status can be any except Received and Completed.

The store’s minimum buy does not apply when you add items to your order. Order additions will be added as a new batch to your original order. The order status will change to Updated and the order date, order status change date, and order payment status change date will be set to the current date. The order will then be reset and a new invoice will need to be sent.

Invoice and Payment:
Some stores require payment at the time of the order. Other stores may send an invoice, which will include your order total and payment information. If you have not received the invoice within three days, contact the seller. If an invoice has been sent, the Order Total on your Orders Placed page will appear in bold text.

After you receive the invoice, send payment to the seller. Do not send payment before receiving the invoice, because the order total must be updated by the seller with shipping and other charges. In addition, the PayPal account address (if you are paying by this method) may be different from the email address from which you receive the invoice.

After you have sent the payment, you may change the Payment Status on your Orders Placed page to Paid. After the seller receives your payment, they will ship your order.

After You Receive Your Shipment:
After you have received your order and verified its contents, change the Order Status to Completed on your Orders Placed page. Then leave feedback for the seller on the Post Feedback page.