Tips on Selling

Not making enough sales or trying to make more? Read the following suggestions that may help you make more sales.
  1. Include Image with Every Item - Picture speaks a 1,000 words. If the item is not widely known, make sure you include an image of that item. BrickLink has images of most items in the catalog. You can use images provided by BrickLink or provide your own image.

  2. Provide Detailed Descriptions for Sets - If you are selling sets, you should specify what condition the set is in, how many pieces are missing, if the set comes with original instructions and original box and what condition they are in. Use the extended description to describe your set as much as you can and include as many images as you want.

  3. Store Terms & Shipping Policy - Describe your shipping fees and the timeframe how long it takes to ship out your orders. Describe any additional fees such as a handling fee in your store terms & conditions.

  4. Still Can't Sell Anything? - Maybe your prices are too high, the quantity of your items is too few or nobody is currently looking for the items that you have up for sale or your terms are not clear enough.

  5. Seller Tools:

    1. PayPal - Accept credit cards through PayPal and send and receive money online:

    2. Shipping - Calculate shipping from and to anywhere in the world: USPS, UPS,

    3. Exchange Rate - The World's Favorite Currency Site:

  6. Advertising - Posting sales announcements in the discussion forum may not mean increased sales. In July of 2009, 5 out of 10 featured sellers did not post any sales announcements in the discussion forum in the past 6 months. Google advertising seems to have worked for some top sellers in the past.

  7. Featured Groups - Designate lots that you want visitors to notice upon visiting your Shop.