Item For Sale Image

You have 3 options on including an image with your item for sale:
  • Catalog Image - Select the "Use Catalog Image Provided by BrickLink." option on the Sell Item screen. Catalog image is also selected on the Part Set and Mass Upload pages by default. If there is an image, it is displayed clickable to the large image in the catalog. For Parts and Gear, if there is no image in the color listed then the system will show an image in white color. If there is no image, "Image Not Available" will show instead.

  • Custom Image - Select the "Upload My Own Image to BrickLink on Next Page" option on the Sell Item screen and on the next page, click on the "Browse" button to locate the file on your computer. (Maximum image size is 800x600) BrickLink will automatically create a proportional small image in addition to your large image. On the next page, both the small and large images are shown for verification. The small thumbnail will be clickable to the large image. To change a custom image on an existing item for sale, on your My Inventory detail screen, click on "Edit More" next to your item. On the item detail screen you will have an option "Delete Custom Image". If no custom image is used, you can upload a custom image by clicking on the "Upload Custom Image" link.

  • No Image - Select the "Don't Use an Image" option on the Sell Item screen. "Image Not Available" will show.
Offsite Images:
BrickLink used to have the ability to enter an offsite URL for the image. These are still retained on existing items for sale. To change or delete a custom URL, on your My Inventory detail screen, click on "Edit More" next to your item. A URL box appears only if there is a URL on that item for sale. Clear the URL box to remove the offsite URL.