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View Thread Re: BrickLink will join the LEGO Group - StarBrick (5332)
[...] We (the users of BL) do NOT join The Lego Group. The owner sold his company to TLG and got a fair price for it I reckon. Lego will turn BL into a button on their [...]
(3 months ago, Nov 26, 2019, to Announce)
View Thread 76139 1989 Batmobile - StarBrick (5332)
... no words awesomely great design.... check the Lego site for more details drewl.....
(3 months ago, Nov 19, 2019, to New Sets)
View Thread Re: Extended System Downtime - StarBrick (5332)
[...] This one I will remember for a long time ;-) I am making backups this MONDAY. I strongly recommend you do too.
(3 months ago, Nov 14, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: FYI, sets without boxes are Incomplete - StarBrick (5332)
[...] Mmm, I have never seen the box listed as an item of the set when I hit an inventory button of a set ("Item consist of"-link). When selecting any box of a set, [...]
(4 months ago, Nov 10, 2019, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Hi again. When do I bug the seller again? ha. - StarBrick (5332)
[...] Nope. It would upset me to see someone being that impatient. Impatience makes people behave only interested in ones own benefit. That saddens me. And yes, I have chosen [...]
(4 months ago, Nov 6, 2019, to Problem Order)

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