Setting up Instant Checkout

If a store already accepts at least one on-site payment method, setting up automation-ready shipping methods will enable Instant Checkout. There are three ways to complete this step: migrate existing shipping methods, important shared shipping methods, or manual setup. Each method is explained below.

1. Migrate Existing Shipping Methods

A store’s existing shipping methods with rate charts will be migrated to the new system along with other settings including insurance and handling fees. By selecting the automated invoicing option for these methods, Instant Checkout will be enabled.

2. Import Shared Shipping Methods
Sellers can share automation-ready shipping methods with other sellers in their country. Stores can review and import any shared shipping methods and customize them as they’d like.

3. Set Up Manually

In case a store’s shipping policies are described only in the written store/shipping policies, they will not automatically migrate to the new shipping settings. For that case, sellers can create a new shipping method, or edit existing ones, to fill in a predefined rate chart. They may also need to configure additional options and restrictions to match the written shipping policies.

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