Shipping & Handling Fee Calculation

When invoicing is automated, S&H fees are calculated from Base Rate, Discount, Insurance and Additional Charges.

  • S&H Fees = Base Rate - Discount + Insurance + Tracking fees + Handling fees

Base Rate
Base Rate is determined by the predefined rate chart of each shipping method. Four different rate chart options are supported:

  • Courier API: a Courier API will be connected to calculate base rates. Only USPS API is currently available.
  • Weight band: shipping cost is determined by the total item weight and destination zone
  • Price band: shipping cost is determined by the total item price and destination zone
  • Flat rate: A flat shipping rate will be applied to each destination zone

Each zone contains a list of countries that sellers can customize.

If sellers want to waive a portion or the full shipping cost for orders over a certain amount, they can add shipping discount rules. It’s also possible to discount order total for orders with specific payment methods.

Insurance & Additional Charges
Insurance options can be added to one or multiple zones with or without additional fees. You can set up your own flexible insurance policies with a combination of item price range and buyer/seller requests.

Tracking Options
Sellers may also add tracking options with or without additional fees based on the item price, shipping fee, total weight, or when an order is insured.

Handling Fees
Handling fees can be added based on the item price, per lot average value, or by a fixed price or rate.

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