Introduction to Instant Checkout

Automated Invoicing
Sellers can automate the invoicing process by setting up automation-ready shipping methods. If buyers choose one of those shipping methods, they will see the final price during checkout and get an invoice as soon as they place an order.
What is Instant Checkout?
Instant Checkout is a combination of a new automated invoicing option and on-site payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe. With automated invoicing, buyers can view the final order price during checkout and make direct payment using on-site payment methods.
Benefits of Instant Checkout
In some countries including Germany, E-commerce sites are required to show the final order price to buyers before they are obligated to pay. Instant Checkout is compliant with German e-commerce law and will make your business fully legitimate in any country. In addition, it will help the growth of your business as your store will be more frequently exposed to buyers with a new option to filter stores that support Instant Checkout throughout BrickLink.
Instant Checkout Help Links
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