Store Minimum Buy

Minimum Buy:
Minimum Buy is the minimum amount a buyer must meet in order to place an order. This amount must not be lower than average lot value.
Average Lot Value:
Average Lot Value is the Cart Price / Number of Lots. Sellers can set these restrictions in their Store Settings.
Not Applicable for Order Additions:
If a buyer has submitted an order that hasn't been shipped yet, they may add to that order without meeting the minimum buy amount. The system will flash a warning upon pressing the "Checkout" button if the grand total is below the store minimum that the buyer can only add to an existing order placed in that store. Upon Login, the system will run a check to see if the buyer has an orders placed in that store which isn't shipped yet. If there is, the buyer will be given an option to add to the existing order. If there is not, the buyer will be redirected to an error screen and asked to buy more items to meet the minimum buy.
Bypass Password:
Sellers have the option to set a bypass password in their Store Settings next to their minimum buy amount setting. If set, sellers can share this password with select members and allow them to checkout regardless of checkout restrictions. The buyer must enter this password during checkout in order to bypass the restrictions.