Member Profile Merge

You can only have 1 profile on the system per the BrickLink Terms Of Service agreement. If you have 2 or more profiles, we can merge them for you. Just let us know through the Merge Username page the old and new username that you want to merge. We will compare the information in those profiles and if we conclude they are indeed yours, we will merge them together. We can also merge them together at our convenience without prior notice. When we merge profiles together, the system sends e-mail to both e-mail addresses registered informing you of the merge and which is now your current username.

When 2 or more of your profiles are merged, a small blue fire helmet appears next to your username for a length of 30 days since the last merge was done.

Merge Process:
The merge will move all the data in the "from" profile to the "to" profile with some exceptions: If both profiles have an about me page then the about me page in the "from" profile will be deleted. If both profiles are sellers then all store settings including shipping methods, shipping preference, accepted currencies, accepted payment methods and splash page(s) in the "from" profile will be deleted. If the "to" profile is not registered then the following information will not be moved from the profile and will be deleted instead:
  • Shopping Cart Items
  • Chat Ignore List
  • Forum Ignore List
  • Favorite Stores & Favorite Searches
  • Feedback Removal Requests
  • Store Inventory including Super Lots
  • Items for Sale Reserved
  • Notes on Members
  • Wanted List including Additional Wanted Lists
  • Problem Item for Sale, Member and Discussion Forum Message Reports
  • Created and Received Coupons in Open Status
  • Stop List
Member since date will be set to the oldest date and last logged in date will be set to the most recent date.