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Some Lego design/building contests that I won
1999 - Thinker Things Toy Store general-design Contest
My entry was a custom redesign of set 8448. I changed it into a single-seat open-wheel vehicle with some minor changes to the engine and transmission. The engine compartment could open up as well. One day I'll find a photo and upload it
Prize: $50.00 Gift Certificate
2000 - Legoland California Build-A-Satillite
This was a speed-build contest where teams of two built a four-section model of the Cassini Probe spacecraft. My wife built 90% of one section and I built the other three and the remainder of hers and assembled them together faster than the other 30 or so entrants.
Prize: Both of these cool sets
2005 - Legoland California Junior Master Modelbuilder Search
Unlike the major contest the park created to hire new Modelbuilders this was a smaller in-park contest where entrants in two (later, three) age groups competed each month to design and build designs for a given theme using a limited assortment of pieces. I won the month of August with this design, but didn't win in the finals. It was a timed build using only the parts from this set
Prize: Credit, my name and entry on the Park's website and a free night at the 4-star hotel nearest the park
2009 - Plastic Toy and Brick Museum Droid Design Contest
Dan of the PBM (Bricklink username "PBM") held a contest for MOCs of small droids that could be made in quantites of at least 200 using only the parts listed in his store and EricksonBrick. I submitted two entries and won with this design. The design was made and packaged into a custom set sold at the Museum
Prize: $50.00 in free Lego as well as design credit for the set and the #001 copy of the packaged set

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