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Some of my favorite Lego sets

Space Shuttle
8480Argueably, one of the best sets produced. Tons of functionality and realism and one of the best-designed mechanical systems. The Submarine model is excellent, too.
Town Plan
10184Instant town square. Also, has the first Lego movie theater in a set. Lots of details that are not only cool, but true to the original design.
Launch & Load Seaport
6542One of the most complete cargo-related sets Lego produced. Although the ship didn't float, the details and playability was excellent. Put train tracks along the back of the docks and all modes of transport are covered.
8824A small set that had a high amount of functionality: the propeller turned when pushed and it steers from the axis of the prop. Technic Figure scale
Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins
5988Lots of playabilty and plenty of decorated items and details. I made a stop-motion movie using just this set for the story (in Japanese, actually!)
Black Seas Barracuda
6285The first pirate ship was the best. Impressive both on display and in the imagination. Definatly at its best with the shooting cannons
Monorail Transport System
6990The other monorail sets were better (and there wasn't much distance it could cover), but this set had plenty of posibilities. Always a target for Blacktron raids.
Victory Lap Raceway
6395A true stand-alone set. It contained everything you needed for a Lego Indianapolis 500: 4 cars, pits (for all four), TV coverage, fans, even a trailer.
6392This was my first big set as a child. Even at age 5 I built this with no help and enjoied the "swoosh-ability". Other airports are more modern, but this is my favorite.
Space Shuttle Launch
1682The only (minifig-scale) space shuttle set that was endorsed by NASA. It didn't have the extras that the Space Port shuttles came with, but was a good stand-alone set in any town layout. Was also rather tall for a Town set at the time.
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