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I'm a cinema/film guy and used to be a professional editor. Back in 2004 I took a deep look at my future and decided to leave the industry (despite an Emmy nomination). Now, I'm not one of those neo-beatniks that debate the Je ne sais quoi of art-house films while sipping an overpriced coffee drink (although I could if asked to) because I'm just as happy with a monster-stomps-Tokyo flick as an Akira Kurosawa film. I think the best way to enjoy movies of the former style is to make fun of them. Below are links to my three favorite bad-movie sites
The Bad Cinema Diary is a personal review by Bruce Edwards of over 2000 movies and serials from around the world made in the 1930's to movies released this year. Mind you, the subjects and commentary aren't always good for the under-18 crowd, but the author's satirical wit is top-shelf. Of the 2000+ movies he has sat through I've seen over 100 of them and can't fault his opinions.
Rifftrax is run by three of the stars (and head writer) of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Their business is to make fun of current movies as well as old low-budget and public-domain shorts and video. In most cases you purchase their audio commentary and play it back while you play your own DVD copy of the movie. It's easier than it sounds and believe me, this is the only way to watch Batman & Robin or Twilight.
Cinematic Titanic comes from the creator and other cast members of MST3K. They retained the shilloueted performers in front of a movie screen from the original TV show but in a differant way. They tour with live performances/screenings and also sell DVD's and downloadable episodes.
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