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 Posted: Nov 29, 2018 16:04
 Subject: Wanted list: redistribute items to added shop
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On the "Buy Wanted Lists" page, when choosing a store, the site adds all parts
possible to the first store chosen's cart. Then, once I choose a second store,
it adds all remaining parts to the second store's cart.

Is there a way to choose two (or more) stores at once, and then the site will
distribute the parts between the two stores, choosing whichever store is cheapest
for each part?
(This feature is available on BrickOwl, and really help pull down the cost of
purchasing an entire wanted list there. I'm hoping this is also possible
on Bricklink, but I haven't figured out how to do it if it is).

If you press auto-select then the site does what I am describing, but I don't
always want to use the single solution that auto-select provides (often due to
one stores shipping costs).

If it isn't possible, is it possible to request this from the Bricklink developers?


PS Sorry for mentioning the competition