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View Thread 40220stk01 with different numbers - peregrinator (330)3 Rpl
Hi, Apologies in advance if I'm not posting this the right way. I have a (Part 40220stk01) from (Set 40220-1) with different numbers than the ones given in the catalogue [...]
(5 months ago, Apr 30, 2021, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Please add a note to 8860-1 Car Chassis - peregrinator (330)2 Rpl
Please add a note to (Set 8860-1) that it was sold under the name "Auto Chassis" in the United States. Source = 1982 USA Dealer Catalog: (URL) My primary concern is that US [...]
(9 months ago, Jan 4, 2021, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Please update picture for njo592 - peregrinator (330)1 Rpl
Posting this here because it doesn't seem to fit into the Change Item form: Can the picture for this item (njo529 Pyro Destroyer) please be updated? It gives the [...]
(11 months ago, Oct 19, 2020, to Catalog Requests)