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View Thread Deleting purchased items from wanted list - lorivanderbilt (21)1 Rpl
New to this. I just ordered over 200 bricks from a seller. I want to place another order but need to eliminate the purchased ones. How do I easily do this? Any way besides [...]
(11 months ago, Mar 2, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Brickstock questions - wilton1975 (13)8 Rpl
Hello all, I have a couple of questions on Brickstock which someone might know the answer to. My store uses EURO and in Brickstock I have ticked Currency, Use the local currency [...]
(11 months ago, Feb 26, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Weight of set 41614 Owen & blue - 211eric (611)1 Rpl
Hi, Have check the weight of set 41614 Owen and blue Brickheadz. The weight wright on bricklink is wrong. The real weight is 244g not 664g. Check other brickheadz and the [...]
(11 months ago, Feb 19, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Adding my orders to my inventory - peterc76 (153)2 Rpl
Sorry if this has been discussed before but couldnt find any posts How do I add my orders and everything I have brought to my own inventory. So I know exactly what I have . I [...]
(11 months ago, Feb 19, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread BrickStock Sub-condition - wilton1975 (13)1 Rpl
Hi all I have downloaded an XML version of my inventory via Brickstock. When I open it I do not see any way to specify a set's sub-condition ie incomplete or sealed. Is [...]
(11 months ago, Feb 16, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Un-Part Out... - Slumberjack (660)2 Rpl
So I've accidentally parted out 1 more of a kit than I have. Is there some way of removing all the parts of a set from my inventory in one go in a similar way to how you'd [...]
(11 months ago, Feb 15, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Palpatine's Arrest by Bag - dad2kat (3365)1 Rpl
Is there anywhere that I can find a set inventory broken down by bag number? I have found all 5 bags in the set Palpatine's arrest. One of the bags is open from what looks [...]
(11 months ago, Feb 14, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Deleting inventories - edthevanman (329)5 Rpl
Can I delete all my inventory in one go, or do I have to delete each piece indivually? Many thanks Pam
(12 months ago, Feb 13, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Stickered parts, sets 60009-1 75872-1 75051-1 - clrv4000 (63)0 Rpl
I have a few stickered parts, acquired second-hand, from sets 60009-1, 75872-1 and 75051-1. I'd like to be able to inventory them properly in my collection, but all or most [...]
(12 months ago, Feb 4, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread research item - gilles78120 (403)2 Rpl
Hello everyone, I need your help because I can not find this item in bricklink, can you help me? Thank you
(12 months ago, Feb 1, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread 30393 Minecraft Polybag - Emporiosa (1201)6 Rpl
Help from an Inventories Admin please! :) I tried submitting my first inventory for set 30393 and I was trying to figure out where to add the extra parts (now I understand [...]
(12 months ago, Jan 30, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Set 42088 Extra Parts - SurplusParts (1831)1 Rpl
Hey, I just opened 4 sealed sets of 42088 and each one had an extra Orange 41239 Technic Liftarm in them, meaning 3 in each set. Should it be listed as an extra item in the [...]
(12 months ago, Jan 27, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread API for Prestashop - steinewelten (1)3 Rpl
Hello i look for a api from bricklink to prestashop
(12 months ago, Jan 24, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread How to Use MY REMARKS when Parting Out :Video - POPS_BLOCK_SHOP (2302)4 Rpl
Made a video on instructions how to use the "MY REMARKS" Section for your bricklink store inventory when parting out Lego Sets. Hope some can find this useful! (URL)
(12 months ago, Jan 24, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Import 10,000 items from rebrickable inventor - jameso321xyz (126)1 Rpl
I can only seem to export/import parts list to BL wanted list and not store inventory, as there doesnt seem to be a mechanism from rebrickable BL xml that adds in prices based [...]
(12 months ago, Jan 23, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread status of 10268-1 and 853815-1 ? - trueger (80)6 Rpl
These are the new release Vestas wind turbine and a holiday bauble ornament. If these are in progress, great, thank you, please disregard. Otherwise, I'd be willing to help [...]
(12 months ago, Jan 20, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread adding orders - Rickaroo72 (29)1 Rpl
I am new to this. I created a store so i can begin to keep track of my extra parts. Is there an easy way to add orders to my inventory?
(12 months ago, Jan 18, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Black Lightning - FauconRoyal (136)4 Rpl
Hello, I recently purchased the "SDCC2018-2: Black Lightning" set. I then went on Brickset to add it to my collection, but no minifig is listed for the set. I proceeded to send [...]
(13 months ago, Jan 14, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Tool to determine sets based on inventory - peegeelee (1673)3 Rpl
Fellow Bricklinkers, I am looking for the easiest way to determine if a set can be built based on a defined inventory, or, even better, a tool which can automatically determine [...]
(13 months ago, Jan 14, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Parts for 42095-1 - xosofox (1)3 Rpl
Hi, as I understand, parts lists for products need to be added and approved. I'm missing the parts for 42095-1 Stunt Racer. And if they are not yet added, I'd like to [...]
(13 months ago, Jan 13, 2019, to Inventories)

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