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 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 11, 2019 17:02
 Subject: Re: Just ordered, seller won't cancel after 5 min
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 Topic: Help
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In Help, joegee writes:
  Just ordered some bricks, seller emailed me saying that he's out of the country
and that if it's fine that he's going to ship out only after November
25th (we're the 11th) ONLY AFTER I PAID !

Immediately after I emailed him saying to please cancel it, and now i get an
email saying that he won't cancel it as he has written that on his store.

Guys is this the way people are treated on brick link ? An honest mistake on
my behalf and the seller being rude about it, he has not packed anything, he
has not spent a single moment working on my order, all he has to do is to click
refund, problem solved.

Thank you @sherwoodparkbricks for making an awesome first time BrickLink experience
very pleasant.
5 Stars !

I agree it is perhaps not the best way to welcome you, and I will admit to finding
it curiously weird that the seller would ask if it is alright and then not agree
when you tell him no. How did you pay, Interacc or PayPal? Are there costs involved
for the seller to refund you perhaps? I am not too sure there is anything you
can do to force a cancellation though.

As a new user could you indulge me a little please? Did you really not see that
notice at all? The seller has it twice on his terms page in big red letters,
it is on the checkout page in big red letters also. So I am wondering what more
the seller could have done so that you and him are not placed in this position?
Is this something sellers can do to make this more noticeable or improve on
in your opinion?

Because certainly if it is not user friendly when you make a general store announcement
to new users, especially about something as fundamental as this, it is something
to look into. I would really like to know since I also travel sometimes for family
obligations and normally use the banner to anounce that and shipping delays.
But if buyers are not seeing it is it better to just close the store?
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 10, 2019 05:22
 Subject: Re: Hewco replies to - Issue with deceptive buyer
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 Topic: Help
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I followed that thread and was waiting for you to reply actually. I get what
you think, I really do and I sympathise.

That being said, sellers like you is the reason every seller must now get an
essay with every payment telling them what to do. My running cost this year of
losses as a buyer far exceed losses as a seller. The issues are always the same:
- Sellers who do not know how to complete a simple CN22 form;
- Sellers who cannot be bothered to write my address correctly;
- My personal favourite: "the used crap I sent you while I know you ordered new,
is still perfectly usable and I do not think you should be so nasty as to insist
on a refund for the losses you suffered. Who cares about the 6 weeks you waited
anyway, look somewhere else";
- Sellers who care so little about their product they could not be bothered to
include a return address;
- And this one is for you: You contractually agreed with the buyer that you will
supply some goods as specified in the agreement. When you could not supply all
of those goods, you should have amended the terms of the agreement by MUTUAL
Consent, not the one-sided action of telling the buyer here is your piddly refund.
BrickLink has a specific action for this and you should have used it. One of
the biggest sellers on this site still has the time to do that, so don't
tell me it takes too long. It took you much longer to type this reply.

So maybe this thing where a buyer treats you like dirt because you breach the
terms of the agreement after he trusted you upfront, sight unseen with his money
and after he has invested time in your store, is really a bit much. I get that.
15p of plastic, what a horrible person for making such a scene. Yes, but its
plastic he wanted from you, not anybody else. Its plastic pieces he paid you
for upfront and was prepared to wait awhile to get there. The buyer INVESTED
in you, should you not be honored and rather eat humble pie for being in breach
of a contract? It is of no concern what the amount is, it only of concern that
you are in breach. No more, no less. You lied to the buyer, and could not care
less to see the issue from his side.

As for giving up, why? Improve your communication and improve your knowledge
of the site, then you will not have problems. Life is simple, people make it

In Help, doolallytap writes:
  ToaNidhiki05 (4) wrote this message and has had a variety of replies.
I ordered a specific list of parts and paid. The buyer then shipped the order
but informed me only after I paid that he was missing two items. He refunded
those two, but I feel scammed and bait and switched - I would not have ordered
from this seller if I had known the order would be incomplete, because those
two parts were crucial to the build I wanted. Is there any recourse I can have
to demand a refund or at the very least get this seller to stop this deceptive

OK, so I am Hewco and see from most of the replies that I should be horsewhipped
and hung from the nearest lampost. The buyer is from USA, and ordered 43 pieces
of 20 different items. It was most unfortunate that I could not find 2 of the
items. I must have had them originally to have made the listings but I am not
perfect and items do go astray and over a period lost/missing items have caused
problems. Perhaps it is time for me to give up, I am 70 and started my shop just
for something to do. I don't need this sort of nonsense.

I sent a refund with a message that these items could not be found and foolishly
assumed that although it may be inconvenient it really was not the end of the
world. I was instantly given negative feedback. If I had known these
2 items were going to cause so much distress I would have refunded the entire
order, even though the other items had already been posted.
I don't know
if the buyer had made a wanted list or not, but in my opinion no other shop would
probably have had exactly the same list of items so it seemed to me not to much
of a problem for the buyer to order elsewhere.

The buyer sent me a message which he repeated in his post accusing me of this
- 'but I feel scammed and bait and switched'. Not being familiar with
this expression I looked up 'bait and switched' which means - the action
of advertising goods which are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting
inferior or more expensive goods. The missing parts were not the cheapest available
on Bricklink so they were not 'apparent bargains'I did not substitute
anything inferior but sent a refund for the items. So where is the scam? am I
an international scammer for .15p.

The buyer responded to one of the message replies - they have not really been
apologetic or cooperative. They do not see a problem with how they conducted
this sale. - No, I don't really see a problem, for goodness sake, we are
discussing 2 bits of plastic, refunded for .15p. If this buyers world has imploded
because of this, then he needs counselling. There has to be more important thing
in his life than missing a Bionicle body part. I will wait for the flack to hit
me over this comment. Hindsight is such a wonderful thing, obviously if I had
known this buyers world would collapse by not receiving these items I would have
messaged before sending the order.

In summary in future, I will always send a message if an item cannot be found
rather than sending a part order with a partial refund. I will humble myself
with gushing profuse apology highlighting my total inadequacy and failure to
perform satisfactorily.
Anybody interested in my stock? I cannot be bothered to do this anymore.
Ironically I have now found both the items!!
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 10, 2019 01:14
 Subject: Re: Which inventory software can I use...
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 Topic: Related Software
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In Related Software, 1977_mauro writes:
  ... to fulfill my approach to apply BL purchase orders into my BL inventory?

With some work, Brickstock. Someone else mght have a better way to do it in there,
but in short I do it as follows:
Import the order into Brikstock. Adjsut the prices for the exchange rate, shipping,
customs etc that I paid. Adjust the prices to achive the selling prce I want.
Export to Bricklink as a mass upload.

Takes a few minutes.



There is a BL side with some suggestions:


Basebrick doesn't allow me to log in, even I have registered myself.

Rebrickable can apply BL orders into Rebrickable inventory but you cannot create
a BL inventory file from this order but only a BL wanted list.

Is this really such an uncommon thing I try to achieve?

Thanks in advance
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 8, 2019 08:05
 Subject: Re: Your terms and condition mean zero.
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 Topic: Selling
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In Selling, Shintaku writes:
  In Selling, SylvainLS writes:
  In Selling, Baarlo_Bricks writes:


There are three ways to make make a transfer:
1. all fees to sender,
2. all fees to receiver,
3. shared fees (each bank takes its fees from their customer).

If the sender fills the form with 2. or 3., receiver is screwed.

Now, there’s also the possibility that the bank form has been simplified (because
website) and there’s no choice for the sender.

And, as Teup says, let’s not forget there’s a possible conversion fee too. Both
ways again. (If you’re used to PayPal, it’s the same thing: when there’s a conversion,
they ask you if you want to pay X before conversion or the payee to receive X
after conversion.)


Yes, that's exactly what happened because the seller attached an xml document
called PACS.008 in which that was clearly specified: the commissions were all
upon me. He didn't even chose "SHA". I called my bank for confirmation and
they allowed me to see the PACS.008.
Now since that's a mistake from him, he should have worked the things out
someway, like for example asking a friend with paypal to help him out like I
suggested him.

Instead he exiged the money back and was unhelpful.
This was so depressing. He broke 2 of my terms and conditions in one order.
I mean, you are not forced to buy from my shop.
You don't like my T&C? You don't buy.
But buying and then being arrogant is simply unsettling.

Could you not have refused the transfer when you received that notice? By the
way was the origin currency CHF or EUR? CHF is SWIFT instruction with telegraphic
transfer, EUR is SEPA bank transfer - two compeltely different animals. All of
my electronic accounts have the same principle - free EU transfers in the common
European area provided it is SEPA and EUR. CHF or any other rcurerncy is with

Check with your bank. I will not believe that my bank down here can allow me
to request a telegraphic transfer from you where I fill in all of the details
and the cost centres as I want it and you just have to approve. That must surely
be available to you as well for payments not in SEPA and in EUR?
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 8, 2019 03:25
 Subject: Re: Forum Reforms
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 Topic: Suggestions
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In Suggestions, maxx3001 writes:
  In Suggestions, calsbricks writes:
  In Suggestions, jennnifer writes:
  In Suggestions, Nathan123 writes:
  It seems the forum isn't getting the same kind of community involvement as
it once did. It is fairly common to see less than 100 messages per day and I
had to go back to July to find a day that had over 200.

I love the way this old Forum works. Sorry if I am in the minority. I would argue
that the lack of community involvement is directly related to the management's


+ several

+ a number of mine

If management is lacking, why use the forum, you can ask, suggest all you like,
it won’t change a thing.

BrickLink is going the way of the Dodo, while sailors are eating on.....


Good Morning Sir

We have forwarded the concerns you raised about your paid for passage on the
good ship "Indifference" to the owners, White Star Line.

As your travel agents, let us at this time say that we were extremely concerned
about your reports of experiencing a sinking feeling whilst using ship ameneties.

White Star Lines in fact assured us this state of affairs is entirely normal.
The ship is in fact keeled over and at no point in time should passengers be
concerned as this is a permanent feature of the ship. The captain and staff should
have assured you that the line had the ship built for the express purpose of
setting a world record for the time it takes for keeled over ship to self-right.

Your request for a waiver of fees for passage has, as a result, regrettably been
denied as the owners are of the view that the reasonable amount you paid for
passage cannot ever be negated by the fact that you expect far too much in life.
The captain has therefor cordially invited you to dine at the ship's main
table once it is upright and our onboard chef can manage to cook you dodo a la


Paid for by Pals Tours
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 7, 2019 13:09
 Subject: Re: Paypal Onsite echeque timeframe
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 Topic: Payment Methods
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In Payment Methods, sueosborne writes:
  Has anyone had an echeque (echeck) payment through Paypal Onsite? Do you remember
how long it took to process?

My patient buyer bought on 24th November and paid on 25th November. Since then
we have been waiting in vain for something to happen.

I’m used to receiving pending payments directly through Paypal - they send an
email with an expected clearance date which is usually 7 to 10 days and I can
see the payment in my Paypal account.

As it is an Onsite payment, there is no email, no expected clearance date and
nothing shows in my Paypal account to even prove that payment is on its way.

Is 2 weeks an acceptable amount of time to wait? My buyer is understanding but
I can’t even give them a date.

I can’t contact Paypal about this as the payment doesn’t exist for them, presumably
this information is held by Bricklink.

Any thoughts and/or advice?

I only had an e-cheque payment once before and that took 7 working days to clear.
That being said, I could see the payment as uncleared in my paypal account the
whole time with a date as to when the funds would be available. It should not
make a difference whether or not it is onsite - its just the point of origin
for the processng. What should matter is that your buyer must have a transaction
number and on his side and at the very least it must show that the payment is
awaiting clearance. Ask the buyer for the transaction nubmer and contact paypal
with that. You should NOT ship prior to clearance as the buyer can stop payment
any time up to that point, similar to a normal negotiable instrument.

Here is the paypal help article also:


 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 7, 2019 07:04
 Subject: Re: Torso Identification
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 Topic: Catalog Identification
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In Catalog Identification, toolightblue writes:
  Similarly this torso. Has Lego trademark, butcolour is a sort of dark olive
green. I'd thought the pair of revolvers would make it easy, but...…

Part No: 973paa  Name: Torso Adventurers Jungle Two Pockets, Two Guns in Belt Pattern
973paa Torso Adventurers Jungle Two Pockets, Two Guns in Belt Pattern
Parts: Minifigure, Torso
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 7, 2019 07:02
 Subject: Re: Leg Identification
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 Topic: Catalog Identification
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In Catalog Identification, toolightblue writes:
  Going nuts trying to find part no of Minifig reference for this pair of legs.
Suggestions please

Part No: 970c00pb0155  Name: Hips and Legs with Iron Man Gold Knee Plates Pattern 2
970c00pb0155 Hips and Legs with Iron Man Gold Knee Plates Pattern 2
Parts: Minifigure, Legs Assembly
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 7, 2019 06:29
 Subject: Re: Non paying buyer
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 Topic: Help
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In Help, Quba writes:

When is it appropriate to cancel an order if the buyer isn´t paying? I am already
waiting for almost a week and contacted the buyer several times with no response
even though he was online and read some of them. Thank you in adavnce


You are the seller, you cancel anytime as you do not need the buyer's permission.
Alternatively, you can start one of these after 7 days:
Depends on what you want to achieve.
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 6, 2019 23:09
 Subject: Re: In fond memory of lot limits...
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 Topic: Selling
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In Selling, dearlydeparted writes:
  Sigh... I remember having placed limits in my store ages ago, did away with it
as I know it's highly unpopular and frustrating for buyers. But, there are
times when...

This is just me letting off steam, bleary eyed & exhausted after working a long
day on an order the likes of which I've never seen in 12 years. I'm still
not done, sob. Oh my, it challenges the soul. 630 lots, 1542 parts where 90%
is a quantity of 1 or 2. Now I've had orders in the thousands of lots, but
the quantities and total of order made the effort worth while. This, not.

But we slog on, it happens. I just pray it's another 12 years before another
like this comes my way. Note to self: order more ziploc bags!

Congrats! A word on those ziplocks though (probably too late) - apart from saving
your fingers and your sanity, grouping lots in categories and then bagging will
save you on the shipping too - 631 of my smallest empty ziplocks weighs 10oz
by themselves, to say nothing of how much extra space it takes up. If you are
shipping by volume - it will easily double volume.

Also, take a break and have some coffee/tea outside in your garden or in a park
where there are trees. Seriously - your eyes, your back and your soul will thank
you. One of my first orders was literally 1 part in every colour in every lot
I had listed. Took me two days to pack because I did not know what to do and
got a massive price surprise when I went to ship it! I've learned lots though
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 6, 2019 11:57
 Subject: Re: Hi again. When do I bug the seller again? ha.
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 Topic: Problem Order
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In Problem Order, StarBrick writes:
  In Problem Order, mmookk61 writes:
  In Problem Order, nyxkitten writes:
  I get everyone has a life. Hence why I'm asking. I really don't like

Start an NSS. It will either get them to communicate with you or if no response
you can eventually get your money back via PayPal and cancel the order.

Jeeez, what happened to normal? 1 week and NSS pops up? I think that is a very
harsh stand you are making there.
Not everyone has nothing else in their lives bute Lego and their BrickLink shop.
I reckon, just a few BIG stores have this as a day job.

If I as a seller would be treated with this kind of behaviour, you would land
on my stoplist for sure.

A 1-week NSS is a no-go for me....

(I have clearly stated in my store what buyers can expect (mostly weekends order

BUT - you do not take payment onsite and instantly - you are prepared to take
your time to invoice, wait for the payment as well as take your time to ship.
So you and the buyer both get to ease into the order like. On the other hand
if you were to sit on the money for 7 days for doing nothing don't you think
an NSS will perhaps get you off your backside and busy in your shop instead of
buying groceries wih money you've not yet earned?
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 6, 2019 06:17
 Subject: Re: Roadmap fix applied - fix still not working
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 Topic: Problem
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In Problem, calsbricks writes:
  Previously reported issue report4ed about Chrome not working with links on splash
pages was noted in the recent update to the roadmap as being fixed. It isn't
- so we have re-reported it.

Anyone else still seeing this. The chrome code works in a stand alone environment
but not with Bricklink.

+1 the "to Top" button does not work, anchors do not work and links do not work.
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 5, 2019 15:20
 Subject: Re: Instand checkout help
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 Topic: Help
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In Help, Bricks_And_More writes:
  Can you try again please?


OK your parcel rates also kicks out to optimistic. Your 0 - 2 kg rate goes over
to the next rate at exactly 2kg - you leave no weight for the box and all the
other things. Again - you need to weigh your boxes and figure that in with a
little bit of fat for ziplocks etc.

The letter rates seems allright now on the larger sizes. Recheck the smaller
envelopes also just to be sure, and remember the height restrictions you have.
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 5, 2019 14:53
 Subject: Re: Instand checkout help
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 Topic: Help
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In Help, Bricks_And_More writes:
  In Help, bje writes:
  In Help, Bricks_And_More writes:


Well, that's not the intention! I have made one letter and four parcel shipments
so i will look in to that. Thank you so much for your help!

OK your letter rates come up now, but now you have another problem. If I make
a cart that include 8 of
Part No: 32083  Name: Slope 45 6 x 4 Double
32083 Slope 45 6 x 4 Double
Parts: Slope
and a few other biggish parts, your cutoff
for the 100 - 350 range letter rate is hit on about 87gram. I'm sure if you
weigh your bubblemailers, nevermind the volume for now, you will see they work
out heavier than you think. None of mine that will fit 8 of those weigh anything
less than 20 gram - that is before you stick on tape for labels, add ziplocks,
customs docs and your invoice if you include that. I don't think you can
get all of that in for 13 gram.

Take your small bubblemailers and see if you can stick in 8 of those so it still
fits on the height and the volume restriction you got with PostNL, because the
bigger the mailer, the heavier it is. After all of that, check the volume settings
as well - no help you can get an envelope to weight ratio correct and then you
fail on the height.

I'll check the parcel rates again in a minute - So far he biggest cart I
did was 850 gr and it came out right still with all 4 parcel rates
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 5, 2019 14:08
 Subject: Re: Instand checkout help
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 Topic: Help
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In Help, Bricks_And_More writes:
  So, after a long time trying to get instand checkout to work.

But how can i check if it works? For domestic buyers i think it works but for
international buyers i need to check.

Can somebody put in a bogus order so they can tell me if it works? All help needed
please. Thanks!


I think you have a problem. I cannot get letter rates at all, only parcel rats.
I do not know if that is your intention, but according to your terms I should
at least get letter rates still for some options here:
Part No: 3245c  Name: Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Inside Stud Holder
3245c Brick 1 x 2 x 2 with Inside Stud Holder
Parts: Brick
Quantity 230, 150, 100, 50, 20, 10 with a respective weights in grams: 345, 225,
150, 75, 30, 15 all give me the same parcel rates EUR19.20 as default with all
of the other options all for parcel post only, nothing for letter. I can guarantee
you I can at least fit 100 of those into a C4 bubblemailer;
Even worse - 1 of
Part No: 4073  Name: Plate, Round 1 x 1
4073 Plate, Round 1 x 1
Parts: Plate, Round
also is only that parcel rate.

All of the rates are the same 0-2kg bracket for world, with no options for letters.
Unless that is your intention, in which case you should amend your terms page
a little bit.
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 5, 2019 10:59
 Subject: Re: Where do you fit?
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 Topic: General
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In General, calsbricks writes:
  4 types of people use Bricklink, as far as we can see. Where do you fit?

Business - Part Time
Business - Full time

It is very difficult to work out percentages for this as no one either records
or states their purpose.

We are happy to say we are a full time business

What about you ?

Of course you can be more than 1 of the above)

A seller accused me of being typical in a racist feedback rant two weeks ago
(since removed), so now I do my very best not to fit in anywhere. So I'll
be a full time BL master of all trades

But to make your life easy - I don't think you can run a business such as
selling on BL part time so I'm full time business, buyer and BL user, all
of the time every day of every week.
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 4, 2019 12:48
 Subject: Re: Thrown off by forced volume-based items
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 Topic: Shipping
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In Shipping, sfkookoo writes:
  In Shipping, Teup writes:
  In Shipping, sfkookoo writes:
  Hi, could someone please post the link or explain briefly how to set my instant
checkout/shipping setting properly? After certain items defaulted to a volume
based calculation, I've been stuck having to manually calculate shipping
for buyers as I was entirely weight based before.

I only carry items under a certain size and the average order I receive fits
into one particular bubble envelope. So basically I need to bypass any volume
calculation in the shipping API or should I just set the volume of my uploaded
items to 0x0x0?

Thank you!

Remove volume restrictions or set the dimensions of your shipping method to huge
so that all items qualify?

Well, let me rephrase, is there any way to lift the volume restriction on First
Class Packages? Or is my only choice to go in and add dimensions to all my parts??

What are the current package restrictions you got set for that shipping method?
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 3, 2019 00:42
 Subject: Re: Got a problem buyer, NSS, what should I do?
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 Topic: Help
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In Help, macaryl95 writes:
Now there is a new issue. Aside from essentially screwing over my sense of credibility,
they have taken it upon themselves to now mark the package as NSS. Of course
this is completely bogus. If they didn't get the package, how would they
even know pieces are missing? I shipped it Priority due to the value and size,
made sure the tracking said delivered too. There is no way they didn't get
their package.

I have this frequently from sellers, but as a seller you should actually know
that shipping an incomplete order is grounds for an NSS to be filed, see the
image. The NSS is not actually bogus if there are parts missing, it is entirely
relevant and 100% correct that the buyer should seek redress for the perceived
breach of contract in that manner.
My inventory is already priced as low as I can possibly go. In the past, I was
the cheapest seller on the entire site even. I think they got a very good deal
on this set considering its rarity. To think I would have worked out any problems
they came across, it makes me feel so betrayed right now. I am just looking for
guidance on what I should do next. Feeling tarnished, but I won't let that
stop me from doing all I can to sustain and grow my business. Appreciate any
advice given.

Have you actually contacted this buyer and asked precisely what the issues are?
Certainly if it is a new user, that user might not be so clued up on historical
sets and might not think to check the inventory or notes first, if those exist.
Further, If it is just a few parts penny parts missing, why not just order those
and ship them to the buyer.

If the buyer chooses not to communicate after you have reached out and tried
to fix this in an evenhanded reasonable manner and really tried to understand
the problem, then certainly this an evil little buyer and he should be banned.
But if you have not done everything in your power to complete the order, then
stoplisting and leaving comments on the feedback is IMO not the way to go. Reach
out to the buyer nicely, give him/her time to respond and try to understand the
problem from the buyer's side.

In future, take photo's of the set, the parts, the set, the box, check your
listings and make sure you list correctly. Tell customers upfront what is missing
 Author: bje View Messages Posted By bje
 Posted: Nov 2, 2019 12:27
 Subject: Re: item removal request - buyer no notification?
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 Topic: Problem
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In Problem, mockingbird writes:
  I just reported this to the helpdesk

For two orders I've made a 'order item removal request'.
One of the buyers says that they did not receive any notification about this.
And therefore they cannot approve this request.

Can we solve this another way?
I will ask the buyer to go to the problem center and enter the order id in the
'order items', that might work.

Thank you I thought it was just me. I've also had a customer report that
he does not receive the notices and forgets how to enter it manually. He has
a gmail account, but he never sees anything in the promotions tab or spam either.

Manual link: https://www.bricklink.com/retractOrderItem.asp
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 Posted: Nov 2, 2019 06:23
 Subject: Re: Unknown part
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In Catalog Identification, Hcl1 writes:
  Does anybody know what this part is. I am buying out a collection and cannot
figure out. It is genuine lego and I have a ton of them. Thanks in advanced.

Part No: 30489  Name: Sports Field Section 8 x 16
30489 Sports Field Section 8 x 16
Parts: Sports

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