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View Thread Tiered Pricing issue - calsbricks (5815)0 Rpl
A little while ago we mentioned the issue surrounding tiered pricing and how it disappears after being set up when you part out a set or add additional inventory. We believe [...]
(3 months ago, Sep 8, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Is Bricklink in decline ? - calsbricks (5815)63 Rpl
As most of you are aware we keep track of the number of orders that are received by a group of 13 UK stores. We are in our third year of monitoring this and for the quarter June [...]
(3 months ago, Sep 1, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Not sure there is an answer - calsbricks (5815)5 Rpl
We use tiered pricing in our store for all items that have over 2,000 items in stock. That is fine except when we part out a new set - the consolidation items offer keep old [...]
(3 months ago, Aug 26, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Brickstock Database update - calsbricks (5815)0 Rpl
This has worked today so the recent post about greyed out new sets should now be fixed.
(4 months ago, Aug 22, 2019, to Related Software)
View Thread Listing policy needs re-thinking - calsbricks (5815)2 Rpl
As a result of events today I have reviewed the listing policy and believe it needs a re-think. It is incomplete and vague on variants for example which is distorting the price [...]
(4 months ago, Aug 20, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread What a pleasant surprise - calsbricks (5815)4 Rpl
Bricklink Helpdesk ticket system is back up and running. What a bonus that should be. We posted a helpdesk message for attention of Admin Russell a short time ago and got a ticket [...]
(4 months ago, Aug 19, 2019, to Announce)
View Thread Catalogue Elements - calsbricks (5815)0 Rpl
Following our recent thread on the 'elements' of Bricklink we have gathered the info we wanted so we want to now step into each of those elements and solicit feedback [...]
(4 months ago, Aug 11, 2019, to General)
View Thread The Core of Bricklink - calsbricks (5815)64 Rpl
Is this diagram indicative of the core elements of Bricklink? We know there are lots and lots of tables and elements which are attached to these components and they all work [...]
(4 months ago, Aug 8, 2019, to General)
View Thread Silly question deserves silly answer ???? - calsbricks (5815)13 Rpl
A short time ago in the forum one of the stores noticed that the sellers tools development had been removed from the roadmap, and there was neither an announcement or explanation [...]
(4 months ago, Aug 5, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Brickstock and UK Stores Pricing - calsbricks (5815)23 Rpl
Follow the link below and you will find a tutorial on how to use Brickstock for pricing your inventory and matching up to the Bricklink price guide as we see it. This is not [...]
(5 months ago, Jul 17, 2019, to Related Software)
View Thread Simple question - calsbricks (5815)4 Rpl
Is there a way to see all the counterparts you have in your inventory? Once an item is in the inventory Brickstock does not recognise it any further as a counter part and I can [...]
(5 months ago, Jul 17, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Sellers tools - calsbricks (5815)0 Rpl
Yes Sellers tools I think, and so do many others that we are in contact with, feel that it would be helpful for Bricklink if we got out into the public domain what we are expecting [...]
(5 months ago, Jul 15, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Here is a challenge for you - calsbricks (5815)4 Rpl
It is to do with pricing your items into inventory. There are a few ways to add an item into your inventory but all but one seem to have flaws built in somewhere. Example 1. [...]
(5 months ago, Jul 14, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Another example - not thinking things through - calsbricks (5815)30 Rpl
Called into one of my local Lego stores today to pick up a few things and was taken aside by the manager who explained that changes were afoot on the VIP card. It was all going [...]
(5 months ago, Jul 12, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Bricklink User Group update - calsbricks (5815)101 Rpl
We are just over halfway towards our initial target on this and some interesting concepts/suggestions are coming out of it. How about a separate forum (hosted elsewhere)where [...]
(5 months ago, Jun 28, 2019, to General)
View Thread Problem solving - calsbricks (5815)1 Rpl
This is a pretty key issue here on Bricklink. How do you go about it? Do you ignore it and hope it goes away? Do you communicate and try to resolve? I know what we do and [...]
(5 months ago, Jun 27, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Bricklink User Group (BUG) - calsbricks (5815)6 Rpl
We have had 20 replies in since our original post and considering that the forum is not read by everyone, that isn't too bad, however to make it meaningful we will need closer [...]
(5 months ago, Jun 27, 2019, to General)
View Thread BUGUK - Interested ? - calsbricks (5815)3 Rpl
Any UK stores interested in joining BUGUK (Bricklink User Group UK Division)/ More details are available if you are - just pm us and we will provide.
(5 months ago, Jun 26, 2019, to General)
View Thread Reorganisation ? - calsbricks (5815)10 Rpl
A short time ago we posted a thread which suggested both Jaclyn and Cheyne were no longer with the company. It appears only part of that was true but it has thrown up some odd [...]
(5 months ago, Jun 26, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Cooperating doesn't appear to be an answer - calsbricks (5815)13 Rpl
Having posted the thread earlier - it now appears no one really wants to get involved. The majority feel it would be a total waste of time and energy. What a sad indictment - [...]
(5 months ago, Jun 25, 2019, to Problem)

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