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View Thread Re: Prepare for Battle with BrickArms! - greenman (19681)
Big advantage for BrickLink: the loyalty of it's members to the LEGO Brand Big DISadvantage for BrickLink: the loyalty of it's members to the LEGO Brand ..... At the [...]
(28 months ago, Dec 10, 2017, to Catalog)
View Thread Re: Magic Magnus Mystery October – Win 50€ Coupon - greenman (19681)
10181 At least, I did a lot... - Klaas
(30 months ago, Oct 1, 2017, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Over 4 million (!) standard parts 20-70% SALE - greenman (19681)
[...] Ongoing during Easter! Due to huge demand I have added 12.000 standard 2x4 bricks in popular colors. Nice to know: thousands of Minifigs will enter the SALE within a day. [...]
(36 months ago, Apr 14, 2017, to Announce)
View Thread Over 4 million (!) standard parts 20-70% SALE - greenman (19681)
Check it out! All Bricks, Plates, Slopes and everything else you need to fulfill your daily LEGO addict: at least 20% off, also the many bulk packages we offer. On the start [...]
(36 months ago, Apr 6, 2017, to Announce)
View Thread Inventory Change Request for Set 60010-1 - greenman (19681)
Please make changes to the following inventory: (Set 60010-1) * Delete 1 Part 3029 Black Plate 4 x 12 Comments from Submitter: This 4x12 black Plate does NOT exist in this set. [...]
(72 months ago, May 15, 2014, to Inventories Requests)
View Thread Re: BL2 Inventory Improvements - greenman (19681)
[...] I agree very much with both of you. Emma and I discussed this already in person. The credit issue should not be an ´issue´ at all: This whole fantastic Database is a community [...]
(81 months ago, Aug 15, 2013, to Suggestions)
View Thread Re: Remove 3 digit pricing for prices over $0.10 - greenman (19681)
I already do that, for all my prices. It does not help you. Practical problem: I have a VAT enabled shop. If anybody ´non EU´ enters my shop, he/she looks at prices without VAT. [...]
(98 months ago, Mar 4, 2012, to Suggestions)