Buying and Selling Offenses

All Items which are listed for sale at BrickLink must be sold through the seller's store by a buyer submitting an order. If you've experienced any of these buying or selling misuses, please take the appropriate action as described below. Consequences may range from a warning to termination.
  • Non-Paying Buyer - Failure from buyer to pay for items to the seller after an order has been submitted.
    Action: Submit a Non-Paying Buyer Alert

  • Non-Responding Seller - Failure from seller to respond to the buyer before payment from buyer has been submitted.
    Action: Submit a Non-Responding Seller Alert

  • Non-Shipping Seller - Failure from seller to ship items to the buyer after payment from buyer has been submitted.
    Action: Submit a Non-Shipping Seller Alert

  • Fee Avoidance - Circumventing BrickLink fee structure.
    Action: Submit a Problem Member Report
    • Using member contact information obtained from BrickLink or using any BrickLink feature to offer to sell items outside of BrickLink.
    • Using our Contact Form to conduct business either offering items for sale or requesting items to be sold that would circumvent buyers from buying those items via submitting an order in this seller's store.
    • Using our Discussion Forum to conduct business by offering items for sale not listed in the seller's BrickLink store or to inquire about items for sale and offering contact information.
    • After an order is submitted, seller offering to the buyer for sale any items which are identical to the items listed in the seller's store or to the items in the order submitted in a manner that would circumvent submitting an order in that store or adding to an existing order placed to that store.
    • Seller cancelling a successful order with the intent of receiving a fee refund from BrickLink for that order.
    • Members must not use their Splash Page, Terms & Conditions, Shipping Policy or About Me page to offer items for sale that would circumvent buyers from buying those items via submitting an order in the seller's store. This includes using a domain name or URL as your store name.

  • Linking - Linking to pages outside of BrickLink which offer LEGO brand products for sale.
    Action: Submit a Problem Member Report
    • Members must not link from their Splash Page, Terms & Conditions, Shipping Policy, About Me page or items for sale to another site that offers items for sale which are LEGO brand products.

  • Limit of Feedback in Store Terms - Store terms which limit you from leaving feedback to the seller or limit you from leaving certain type of feedback (for example negative) are automatically void.

  • Feedback as an Advertising Tool - It is prohibited to put links in feedback comments which link to pages outside of BrickLink. Such links may be automatically replaced with: (URL). It is permitted to put a link (such as in feedback comments which redirects directly into the seller's BrickLink store.

  • Feedback Extortion -
    Action: Contact the Help Desk.

    Buyers must not demand additional goods, services or refunds over and above what was agreed in the original transaction with the threat of negative Feedback if the seller does not comply. Sellers are not allowed to require buyers to leave positive Feedback or revise existing Feedback in exchange for shipping items, completing refund requests or providing monetary compensation. Sellers are, however, allowed to ask the buyer to leave positive Feedback at the end of a successful transaction.

    Reporting suspected Feedback extortion
    Please note that we can't accept reports of Feedback extortion received through email outside of BrickLink because these can be easily falsified. In order to protect you, we recommend you always use the BrickLink Contact form to communicate with your buyer or seller.