Inventory Change Request

If incorrect or incomplete information is noticed in the inventory of an item in the BrickLink catalog, an Inventory Change Request can be submitted.

Before Submitting a Request
Stickered Items - to add Stickered Parts check: Help Page Stickered Parts
Extra Items - please check: Extra Items
Alternate Items - only add alternate parts when they actual came in a set, not because it is shown in LEGO data, for these are replacement parts.

It could be that the items you want to add are already part of the minifigures or listed as alternate items. Or the same request you want to submit, was submitted before.

Please check:
  • Inventory note at the bottom of the inventory page.
  • Change Log at the top of the inventory page.
  • Alternate Items already in the inventory.
  • Minifigure Inventories.

Another way to see all regular parts, including the minifigure parts is to 'Break Minifigures'. You can find this option on top of the inventory list.
Example: Break Minifigures
How to Submit a Request
A request begins by bringing up the Inventory Change Request form.

Using the form, four steps must be completed:

  1. Select an item in the BrickLink catalog. Refer to Step 1 - Select Inventory below for further details.
  2. Enter the inventory changes that are being requested for that item. Refer to Step 2 - Enter Changes below for further details.
  3. Verify the inventory changes that were entered. Refer to Step 3 - Verify Changes below for further details.
  4. Submit the inventory changes to an Inventories Administrator for consideration. Refer to Step 4 - Submit for Approval below for further details.

Step 1 - Select Inventory

  1. Select Item Type (Set, Part, Minifigure, Book or Gear).
  2. Select Item Number.
  3. Enter the number of entries you want to add or change, you may estimate this number for you can add and remove entries on the next page, but once you added rows they will disappear when going a step back. So make a good estimate and try to avoid errors.

Step 2 - Enter Changes

There are 3 types of requests you can submit:
  • Add - Add new item to the inventory.
  • Delete - Delete an existing item from the inventory.
  • Change - Change attributes of an existing item in the inventory. (Change Item No, Color ID, Quantity or Inventory Section)
The following is an explanation of how to fill out the Inventory Change Request Form:
  • Action - A (Add) or C (Change) or D (Delete)
  • Inv Item ID - Inventory Item ID of the item to Change or Delete. Find out this ID by clicking on the link "Show item IDs" on the bottom of each inventory screen or by clicking on the "Inv" link next to the name of the Inventory Item you are making changes to on Step 2 of the form.
  • Inv. Section - If a value of this field is set to Alternate then the Match ID should be supplied.
  • Match ID - This field is an incremental sequence of numbers and is used to identify those parts which differ between versions of the same set (Alternates). Match ID numbers start at 1 and are incremented by 1 for each match.

    Example: in one version of a set there is a black door but in another version of this door is white. In this case the inventory change requestor would first change the existing part in the inventory (the black door) to show that it has an Alternate part by setting the match ID field to the next available number in the sequence. The next step is to add the new part (the white door) by setting the Inv. Section field to Alternate and putting the same number that appears in the Match ID field for the black door part in the match ID field.

  • The Alternate parts section is intended to list only those items that differ between official LEGO releases of the same kit.
  • List parts with stickers applied as Counterparts. To speed up the process, please add book and page numbers of the Instrucions in your comments, if you are adding just one or a few stickered parts to a Set Inventory.
The following is an explanation on which fields to fill out depending on action:
  • On Add - All fields are required except Inv Item ID; which should be left blank. Color ID is required for Parts and Gear only; otherwise leave color ID blank. Alternate and Match ID are only required when creating a link between two parts which appear in different versions of the same set.
  • On Delete - Enter Inv Item ID and leave rest blank.
  • On Change - Enter Inv Item ID and new values in the fields you want to change. Leave fields you don't want to change blank.

    Additional Comments:
    Before verifying your changes, please give your arguments for these changes / specify your source in the Additional Comments Box. You can also add images after the change request is submitted.

Step 3 - Verify Changes
You will see a list of all your changes. If it gives an error message, you can Go Back to correct this. The message includes the entry number that needs to be corrected.
Step 4 - Submit for Approval
After verifying all your changes, you can 'Submit Request', for an Inventory Administrator to review. You can 'View the details of this request' and click on the () icon to add more comments or images to your request.
Request Generates Discussion Forum Post:
A new discussion forum post is generated in the discussion forum Inventories Requests group for each request you submit. This is to let others know of the request so that they can comment on it.

You can add additional comments about each request. They will appear in the discussion forum post generated by the request. Under column "Replies" in the Inventory Change Log, a count of the replies posted for that request is shown. Click on the () icon to view the message thread of the request in the discussion forum.

Request Status:
Once you submitted a request, it is pending review and (approval or rejection) from an administrator. You can navigate to your pending requests in the following ways:
  • From the Catalog, Add or Change page, click on the link "Change to Inventories"
  • From your My Activity page, click on the "Pending" link next to 'Inventory Change Requests Submitted'

Please check this regularly (to check for comments) by clicking the () icon.

Each request has a status:

- Request is pending approval from Inventories Administrator.
- Request has been completed and inventory updated.
- Request has been denied.
- Update has been done directly by an Inventories Administrator without going through the form.

  • Can't add an item to an inventory if the same item with the same color, quantity and extra flag is already in the inventory.
  • Can't delete an item from an inventory if the same item with the same color, quantity and extra flag which you specified to delete is not in the inventory.
  • Can't submit a request to add or delete exactly the same information as a request submitted in Pending status.
  • Can't add items to an inventory which are marked for deletion in the catalog or have not been approved yet.