Regular, Extra, Counterpart, Alternate

An entry in an inventory can be one of 4 types:
  • Regular - Always appears in the main model.

  • Extra - LEGO sometimes includes extra pieces that are not part of the model. Items such as Brick Separators, Clikits Part Separators and Rubber Band / Belt Holders which can appear in a kit, even though they are not used as part of the building process, are classified as Regular items.

  • Counterpart - An item that is built out of several regular items. Can be a part consisting of several parts (part assembly), a part with a sticker applied (stickered part) or several parts with a sticker applied across all of the parts (stickered assembly).

  • Alternate - Some production runs of the same set might feature different parts than other production runs of that same set. The part that replaces the one that appears the most frequently is tagged as Alternate. A match number (MID) is entered for the regular parts and the alternate parts to identify which regular parts the alternate parts are alternate for. The match number is the same on all items in each match. A match number in each set starts with 1 and is incremented by 1 for each match.