Regular, Extra, Counterpart, Alternate

There may be up to four different sections in a BrickLink inventory. Each one has a special purpose.
  • Regular Items - All parts required to build the main model plus any other items on the official parts list. In the absence of a parts list, the instructions, box images, and official part count may be used to determine as closely as possible the constitution of the Regular section.

  • Extra Items - These are spare parts that are not used in any model and are not included in official parts lists or part counts. They can vary depending on when and where the set was packed and are typically small pieces such as 1 x 1 plates or tiles.

  • Counterparts - A section for special assemblies of parts from the Regular Items section. A counterpart can be a single part consisting of several other parts (part assembly), a single part with a sticker applied (stickered part), or several parts with a sticker applied across all of the parts (stickered assembly).

  • Alternate Items - Some production runs of the same set might feature different parts than other production runs of that same set. A match number (MID) is entered for the regular parts and the alternate parts to identify which regular parts the alternate parts are paired with. The match number is the same on all items in each match. A match number in each set starts with 1 and is incremented by 1 for each match.

Additional Information
  • Removing/Changing Extras - Parts in the Extra Items section of an inventory are variable, meaning that some sets or gear may include them and others may not. The quantity of extra parts may also vary. Extra parts are typically not removed from inventories or reduced in quantity unless it can be determined that they were originally added in error.

  • Regular/Alternate Placement - Part variants confirmed in the earliest version of a set should be placed in the Regular Items section and later variants should be placed in the Alternate Items section. There are a number of exceptions to this rule, however, so check with an Inventories Administrator for clarification if you're not sure where to place a particular variant. Some of the exceptions are:
    • The International versions of sticker sheets are placed in the Regular Items section.
    • When the scarcity of the earliest variant is high enough that it is unlikely to be found in a sealed set, then it may be placed in the Alternate Items section.
    • Part variants in sets close to the time of transition between variants and outliers may be handled differently than stated above.