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Keeping track of hundreds of thousands of stock items in thousands of lines can result in small - or sometimes large - discrepancies between reported stock levels and those actually physically on hand for a variety of reasons. I am a participant in fosterbengoshi's recovery mechanism for these problems:
Sellers often come across the problem of not being able to find parts ordered by their buyers. One way of dealing with this is to order the missing parts from another seller. However, this is not often possible because of the low value of such missing parts and the minimum order amounts and handling fees charged by other sellers. So, to help aid other sellers in dealing with this problem, I would like to suggest a reciprocal program for sellers to help each other out of such problems. The way this would work is as follows:
  1. Sellers in the program would place orders with other sellers in the program for part(s) missing from buyer orders.
  2. Participating sellers would agree to waive their minimum order amount and charge a handling fee of no more than $0.50 to cover the cost of a padded envelope and PayPal fees.
  3. Sellers providing the missing part(s) will ship them as instructed by the buying seller in the order comments - i.e. either to the buying seller or their buyer.
  4. Sellers providing the missing part(s) will include a note with the order referring to the order from which the part is missing, but may include a card or other note promoting their own shop.
I will be the first to sign up. Thorz BrikTopia will offer this service to any other sellers who are willing to offer the same service to me. If you are interested in joining this program, just respond to this post saying so. If you have any ideas how to improve this, please post them.
The updated list of participating sellers thus far
  1. fosterbengoshi (Thorz BrikTopia) (USA)
  2. Timothy_Smith (Front Range L*go) (USA)
  3. edk (Timeless Toy Bricks) (USA)
  4. Rob_and_Shelagh (Yellow Farm Bricks) (UK)
  5. patpendlego (leggodt.nl) (Netherlands)
  6. atkk (BUILD IT!!) (Canada)
  7. Pazzo (The Vault) (Netherlands)
  8. Diver_Dan (Brick Builder) (USA)
  9. Neilmartin (Every Brick Counts) (UK)
  10. LPBricks (Little Plastic Bricks) (USA)
  11. goshe7 (G Train Station) (USA)
  12. dcarmine (Nebraska Brick Store) (USA)
  13. rysondal (CosmicBrik Station) (USA)
  14. happyfish (A Box of Bricks) (UK)
  15. ash_274 (Ash's Extras) (USA)
  16. Unhalfbricking (Unhalfbricking) (USA)
  17. quickbricks (Quick Bricks) (USA)
  18. jemcge28 (Bricks2You) (USA)
  20. Brock (Brock's_Bricks) (USA)
  21. BrickAThon (Brick-A-Thon) (USA)
  22. Rbobo (Bob's Brick Bazaar) (USA)
  23. maxx361 (At home Bricks!) (Netherlands)
  24. RUMRUNNER (Port Royal) (Canada)
  25. tama.wehi (ICHIBAN nextday | FREE S&H) (USA)
  26. renhoffman (Rens Brick Room & Customs) (USA)
  27. melbourne_josh (Sculpture Supplies) (Australia)
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