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When your order is placed I invoice based on the weight of the order and expected thickness; very occasionally I actually have to pick some of the order to check volume before I can invoice. If I trust you, invoicing before picking that gives me some time to start picking your order while you faff around getting the money to me; it might even mean you get your order before I get my money. My standard practice is to refund any excess shipping (but my estimates are pretty good).
Your order is printed out and the invoice is placed in a clear plastic bag. This gets dragged out to the stockroom.
As your order is picked, pieces are placed in the bag, generally in their own individual bags.
Eventually picking is completed. Then the the order is checked for correct picking and the individual lots are transferred to the bags out of Lego sets, heat sealed into individual components. These inner bags are often then packed into an outer bag (also heat sealed) - if the inner bag fails, the outer bag will hold your parts within whatever the order is packaged into. If they both fail, there's a chance that the part won't fall out of the packaging. I haven't lost any parts from the outer bag since I started double bagging in response to customer feedback (it seems that only one packaging layer will fail in shipping).
Then your package is posted, 50m up the street. International, bulky, heavy, Express and Registered Post has to go to Post Office for lodgement.
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