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 Posted: Jun 28, 2020 13:46
 Subject: NPBs and NSSs proportional to feedback rating
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I'm here since 10 years and I really find it wrong that a newcomer has 3
NPB as much as someone who is here since years.

I'll explain you why.

I really believe that a newcomer with 0 to 9 feedbacks shouldn't be allowed
to have more than 1 NPB chance. If you miss that, you're out.
As a seller, I have been targeted too much with newcomers that realize they don't
want to buy after the order was placed. This means my bricks are blocked for
7 to 21 days.
If I do cancel the order, the buyer can give me a negative, so I have to undergo
the NPB procedure in order to prevent the seller from giving nasty feedbacks.

My suggestion follows like this:
0-9 feedbacks rating : 1 NPB / NSS
10-99 2 NPB / NSS
100-999 3 NPB / NSS
1000-9999 4 NPB / NSS
10k+ 5 NPB / NSS

I believe that sellers may be targeted with NSS for facticious reasons, like
"1 piece wasn't in the package, I start a NSS" from a 0 fb rookie who still
doesn't know how BL works. Sometimes BL takes a lot of time to reply and
this lead in the past in the closing of many shops for a third NSS which wasn't
actually real. Giving a 4th or 5th NSS chance it's just a compensation for
possible "fake NSSs".

I'd personally prevent 0-9 feedback rating users from leaving negative feedbacks
too. But that's another story.