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 Posted: Sep 8, 2019 11:33
 Subject: Tiered Pricing issue
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A little while ago we mentioned the issue surrounding tiered pricing and how
it disappears after being set up when you part out a set or add additional inventory.
We believe we have found a really simple solution to it and it really doesn't
require all that much from development.

When you go into your my inventory pages and click on edit more you get a screen
which if called in the part outs or adding inventory could save the loss of tiered
pricing. So just as you can click on summary in the My Inventory page and show
the price guide below each item, you could have the edit more screen pop up when
you are reviewing your additions to your inventory before you post.

As that screen already exists and has both the remarks field and the tiered pricing
schedule you could easily either ignore or update it to fit the circumstances.

I think that makes sense. Interesting to hear from Bricklink development on this.

If this were implemented it could be ignored by those who do not use tiered pricing
and used by those that do.

See screen image below