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 Posted: Apr 3, 2017 18:03
 Subject: Inventory Change Request for Set 1708-1
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 Topic: Inventories Requests (Entry)
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Please make changes to the following inventory:
Set No: 1708  Name: Large Bucket
1708-1 (Inv) Large Bucket
655 Parts, 1994
Sets: Universal Building Set: Basic Set

* Add 1 Part 3010p09 Red Brick 1 x 4 with Car Taillights Pattern (Basic)
* Add 1 Part 3010p08 Red Brick 1 x 4 with Car Headlights Pattern (Basic)
* Change 1 Part White {973c01 Torso Plain / White Arms / Yellow Hands to 973px62c01 Torso Horizontal Red Stripes Pattern / Red Arms / Yellow Hands}

Comments from Submitter:
These three pieces are clearly shown in the instruction manual with the set . Peeron's inventory also includes these pieces